Top 10 Singles 2018: 10 – 6

As well as albums, 2018 has been a brilliant year for songs too. There are many reasons why these songs have made it to my top ten. From relating to me personally on deep levels to simply making me smile, these songs have made a place on my top ten singles. Usually when the song has a brilliant video to match, it often helps me choose the songs. Choosing a top ten wasn’t easy but here they are.

10.  Saltatio Mortis – We Drink Your Blood (Powerwolf Cover)

Alongside the release of The Sacrament Of Sin, POWERWOLF offered bands the opportunity to cover some of their most notable metal psalms. German Medieval Metal outfit SALTATIO MORTIS did a booming cover of their anthem We Drink Your Blood and to say they did the song justice would be a huge understatement. This has to be one of my personal favourite covers to come out into the airwaves. They used their unique take on music in their favour and made it sound like their own. Want a lesson in how to do a great cover? Look no further than this one.

9. Kissin’ Dynamite – I’ve Got The Fire

We all need warmth and hope from time to time, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE anthem I’ve Got The Fire would be the song to listen to for if you need that. The first few notes are the phoenix rising from the ashes, it already gives off empowerment and it uplifts your mood. Experiencing this live was fantastic and I can imagine this being played to audiences in stadiums. Particularly singing along to that fantastic chorus that gives you hope and joy. It was a great way to open up their energy fuelled album Ecstasy.

8. Grailknights – Pumping Iron Power

We’ve had metal pirates, metal vikings, we now have metal superheroes. They go by the name GRAILKNIGHTS and they are on a mission. With the help of their loyal fans in their Battle Choir, they aim to save the Holy Grail from Dr Skull and his evil cronies. Pumping Iron Power gives you the perfect taste of what they are all about. A truly energetic number that will have you feeling that you can take the world. I admit when I first heard this song, I had it on loop for days. Everything from the catchy melody to the brilliant retro superhero video, this song stuck out as a personal favourite of 2018. SABATON frontman Joakim Brodén’s vocals adds that extra punch to this pumping track. GRAILKNIGHTS are living proof that metal can be fun and lighthearted.

7. Dark Sarah – Sky Sailing

From the first few blasting notes, I knew I was going to adore the song Sky Sailing from Finnish Cinematic Metal group DARK SARAH and I was right. What follows from those poignant first notes are passionate vocal fusion, a huge melody and a grand theme. This song plays a great part of the album’s story The Golden Moth, you can just imagine the characters sailing the skies on a grand adventure. Ever since coming across this song, it’s been a great go to song to help me escape reality for those few moments and help my mood lift.

6. Brothers of Metal – Yggradsil

BROTHERS OF METAL have been new favourites of mine this year and strong material like the song Yggradsil confirms why this is. Yggradsil is a beautiful song that contains a stunning melody with strong vocals and great riffs that will tug at the heartstrings. This intimate track is bound to bring people together in live setting. It’s a touching track that certainly gets me every time I hear it. Giving that Yggradsil means the Tree Of Life in the Norse language, it explains why the track is very uplifting at the same time.

Here is the first half of my top ten singles, do you like the choices so far? Stay tuned for the second half, number one and honourable mentions.

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