Top 10 Singles 2018: 5 – 2

So you have seen the first half of my top ten singles, before I reveal my number one song here is the second half of my top ten singles of 2018.

5. Amaranthe – Countdown

For years I have admired AMARANTHE. Their unique fusion of electro pop and metal has ensured some solid material and growing fanbases. Countdown gives us a glimpse with the new line-up whilst giving the sound that AMARANTHE are best known for. This song doesn’t beat around the bush, its gets straight to the point with force and punch. Amongst the heavy distortedness, there is a catchy rhythm that will make you get up and dance. The three vocal styles also fuse together flawlessly along with the punchy instrumental arrangements. It’s a song I always like to go to when I need a pick me up.

4. Beast In Black – Sweet True Lies

BEAST IN BLACK’s debut album converted me into a fan this year so was all the more excited to hear they will be releasing a new album next year. To prepare us for this album release, they have released an eighties inspired track titled Sweet True Lies with an eighties style video to match. Ever since I listened to this, it’s been on loop whenever there has been an opportunity to do so. I do have a love for eighties Hard Rock and this track brings that into the present day in a straight forward fashion. It’s catchy, it packs punch and it will do more than turn heads.

3. Ghost – Rats

For me GHOST have always been a band that I have admired from afar. They have a straight forward sound yet there is this element of mystery through their alter egos. I have always found them fascinating. Their single Rats gives us the first glimpse of Tobias Forge’s new persona Cardinal Copia. Judging from the video Rats it literally gives him more movement and freedom than his predecessor Papa Emeritus. The song itself has a fantastic melody that will swim around your head for days. I also have a great love for the video. One of my favourite comments on YouTube that I think describes it perfectly is “Gene Kelly meets the Bubonic Plague.” Particularly with a homage to Singin’ In The Rain in part of the video.

2. Kamelot – The Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)

This was one of the tracks that I was very eager to share with like minded folks but couldn’t at the time as it hadn’t officially been released. So when they released this grand sounding track as a single, I shared this track instantly. KAMELOT are well known for creating choruses that leave a lasting impact and this song is no exception. This song is very powerful opener for The Shadow Theory and will left me feeling blown away. You can particularly here the intensity in the verses through the vocal work. Along with the huge memorable chorus and the vocal versatility of Lauren Hart this song is a Power Progressive gem. One that should be treasured and respected for years to come.

Stay tuned for my number one song of 2018 and honourable mentions before closing up for the year.

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