ALBUM REVIEW: Thrashfire – Into The Armageddon

THRASHFIRE are a Thrash band from Turkey who started their musical journey in 2006. Their latest record Into The Armageddon proceeds two EPs and their debut album Thrash Burned The Hell from 2011They were signed to Xtreem Music in 2015; which lead to the release of their second EP – Vengeance of Fire, many tours with many notable bands and now this latest full length album.

I would say the album starts as it means to go on. The opening track begins with ear piercing screams over a rapid blast beat. It is a short song, which remains rather relentless throughout and the overall sound gives instant homage to some of their influences: SLAYER and KREATOR.

Comparing this record to their debut record, I can tell the band has grown a lot over the years. They have fine-tuned their style and sound, and their music writing skills are much higher. Lyrically there has also been a lot of growth. The Thrash genre is easy to get lost in and a lot of newer bands end up sounding rather generic. This is how Thrash Burned The Hell came across when I listened to it as a comparison; however Into The Armageddon is much more mature and well rounded. It has been said that this is their best work to date and I can agree.

The entire album is intense. It flows well from song to song and it is very fast paced and heavy. The bands influence is very clear, as mentioned above, as it has very similar feel to most Thrash albums. I’m not going to say it’s the most unique album or style, but it is well written and well made.

One of my favourites of the album is Wisdom of Sacrilegious. It keeps a good pace; it’s well structured and was one of the most memorable on the album. Most of the songs bleed into one another, so it can be hard to distinguish them from each other, but the drum line and solo stuck out to me in this track.

Another notable song is Through the Crimson Darkness. The vocal line reminds me a lot of SLAYER and in particular, parts of Raining Blood. As with the rest of the album, it is fast paced and unrelenting with its blast beats and chuggy guitar work carrying through each song. There is a lot of musical talent involved in this album from all involved.

I think a lot of lovers of old school Thrash will appreciate this album as the influence is definitely more toward the old school. The band has definitely developed a lot over the past few years since their last few released and I’m sure they will continue to grow.

Rating: 7/10

Words: Amanda Nicholls

Into The Armageddon will be unleashed tomorrow via XTreem Music.

Find THRASHFIRE on Facebook.

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