Top 10 Singles 2018: Number 1 and Honourable Mentions

Visions Of Atlantis – The Deep & The Dark

If you read my albums post, you would have seen that one of the key things I said about the album was that a lot of things that came across in the record were relatable. Particularly when it comes to dealing with mental illness, temptation and addiction.

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS track The Deep & The Dark spoke to me personally; especially with lyrics such as “You are my antidote when the waves of doubts rush in”. This describes my remarkable support network perfectly. As most of you know, I have dealt with anxiety for a long time and the thing I always want people to know is that they are never alone. The Deep & The Dark provides a strong reminder of this, particularly if you have that someone who helps calm all your inner demons. That person can be a significant other, your best friend, a close relative or whoever you put all your trust into. 

The song’s soothing yet powerful melody and the relatable lyrical content makes The Deep & The Dark my number one song of 2018.

Here are my top songs, do you agree? If not, what would you have added.

I would like to add a few honourable mentions to GRAVE DIGGER’s dance surprise Zombie Dance, the adventurous Across The Sea from LEAVES’ EYES, STORMCAST’s pounding and empowering belter Resonance, the sexy Demon’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend from the mighty POWERWOLF and EPICA’s stunning cover of Sacred & Wild.

Here are my top choices of 2018. Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; I will be back reviewing from 7th January where I will announce some plans for the New Year! Stay tuned!

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