NEWS: HITCH – Announce Debut Album Rock Nation


New Track Anarchy Reigns From Forthcoming Full-Length available. Hitch is a Rock!

Loud and proud, the British-born, Heavy rocker, has always followed a dream.

His debut album Rock Nation is to be released on March 8th by DMI Records/CD Baby.

“Do what you love!” HITCH roars with loud and jubilant defiance.  “Why wouldn’t you? This was a repressed life-long ambition and I decided to kick the ‘repressed’ bit to the curb.  Why can’t you?  Why can’t anyone?  Nobody should ever change themselves because of what others think of them or society pushing them.”

Recorded at HITCH’s own Launch Pad Studios, Rock Nation has been a passionate journey strewn with love, sweat and tears.  Anger.  Lots of it.  Anger used positively can be a remarkable tool.  This album cuts through the generic pap clogging the airwaves and exudes genuine emotion.  The songs deal with society and how we can have hope and a new beginning.  Naive?  Maybe, but HITCH is genuine and not a lover of ‘Reality Media’ which is contradiction of everything it stands for.

“It has helped cultivate the desire to be a star at any cost, and social media has helped facilitate this insane and dangerous culture of posting every single thing in your life believing it makes you a ‘star’ when you patently aren’t,” says Hitch.  “I’m all for the dream, but the dream requires work, desire and sacrifice.  The dream cannot be fulfilled with a click or a post.”

Perhaps the biggest shock and jewel on the Rock Nation crown, is Hitch’s masterful cover of DEAD OR ALIVE’s You Spin Me Round.

“It’s a huge song and a worldwide hit.   We respected that but felt if we redid it, then it had to be totally different.  A version that would make you sit up and take notice.  Put all that together with a ‘smash and grab’ middle guitar bit and you have a hit reborn.”

“When we tour, I want our music to be delivered with the fire and visual pageantry it deserves,” states HITCH, “like KISS, like RAMMSTEIN, like the early RAINBOW and JUDAS PRIEST gigs I saw back in England, just bringing the whole damn thing at a crushing volume for the eyes and ears.”

Brash, Bold, Bombastic, Brilliant!!

HITCH -and ROCK NATION– are here to share a mantra with you.

HITCH’s mantra is a simple one – YES YOU CAN

HITCH’s Rock Nation will be released on CD, LP, and digital formats. Pre-order available soon.

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