ALBUM REVIEW: Within Temptation – Resist

No introductions required here. For the past couple of decades, WITHIN TEMPTATION have rightly been described as the legendary leaders of dark anthems. Their seventh studio album Resist is due to darken the hallway with it’s haunting portfolio of futuristic metal. From listening to the record, it’s safe to say that fans and new listeners of the band will not be disappointed.

According to lead singer Sharon den Adel, without the album Resist, the band wouldn’t be here anymore. The band have taken a bold new approach when creating the album and it gives it a heavier, dirtier and more futuristic sound. They took inspirations from modern pop music and gave it their own dark twist. That could explain why there is a slightly different sound to their previous material but with Sharon den Adel’s angelic vocals marking familiarity, the WITHIN TEMPTATION sound is still present.

The album kicks off with the bombastic single The Reckoning. It features the familiar and iconic vocals from PAPA ROACH lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix. The futuristic and industrial sounding melody gives a great indication of what direction WITHIN TEMPTATION have decided to take their sound regarding this album. Across the album you can hear strong examples of this sound that shows long time fans of the band a new, dangerous side.

The beginning of Supernova gives the listener a glimpse of hope. A weird thing to say about a dark and dirty track but for the track Supernova this analogy works. The tuneful way Supernova is sung will be swimming around your head for hours after listening to it for the first time. The chorus is strong and powerful, listening to it makes you feel invincible and like nothing can stop you. The choral parts of the song give the song remnants to the classic WITHIN TEMPTATION sound. The fist pumping rhythm gives the song a revolutionary vibe.

Firelight provides an unusual introduction with the vocal riff and acoustic guitar. You can’t quite put your finger on what it reminds you of. The chorus itself is a phoenix rising from the ashes with it’s soaring and beautiful ambience it provides. The introduction of the song also gives a tribal vibe which carries on throughout the song. It’s an interesting and stunning track that could start a new era.

The title Mad World is most well known for being in the film Donny Darko but this is not the case with WITHIN TEMPTATION. The dark and pumping melody has a prominent chorus that is strongly relevant to today’s proceedings. This is reinforced by The lines “Walls are falling down on us” and “We are living in a mad world”, which will no doubt be chanted back to the band from audiences across the world in a live capacity. The track provides an energy boost that most of need to get us going. It will provide an invigorating feeling when listening to or experiencing it live.

Trophy Hunter marks a revolutionary ending to this anticipated record that fans have been waiting for. It provides a futuristic side to metal and the best elements of WITHIN TEMPTATION are part of the album. Conclusion? It is more than safe to say that long time fans of the band will be far from disappointed with this eagerly awaited album.

Rating: 9/10

Resist is out 1st February 2019 via Universal Music Group

Find WITHIN TEMPTATION on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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