Reader’s Choice: Work Out Songs

Due to the success of End of year Reader’s Choice thanks to your great responses, I decided to make it a monthly thing. The first one to kick off 2019: during January you have the new year new me mindset. One of those new year’s resolutions usually is go and get more exercise. So I asked you what your go to songs were for a good workout and had some interesting choices.

Joel P

Valhalla Awaits Me by AMON AMARTH used to get me through my lifts in uni…it will do again when I hit the gym again.

Emily W

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan. They are working out to the song in the film so it makes perfect sense.

Nick W

I don’t have a particular song but: HALESTORM on the treadmill and AMON AMARTH on the rowing machine.


It’s completely off genre. If I play music I like whilst working out, I end up singing along so I stay away from my favourite bands. I always gravitate towards LADY GAGA’s first album The Fame, I don’t why. Also Bad Romance, I think it’s the rhythm that keeps me into it.

Stay tuned for an interview with Beth Blade from BETH BLADE AND THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS about their latest album Show Me Your Teeth, the lyrical themes and musical influences.

Cat B

Go to songs for exercising:  MOTORHEADBrotherhood Of Man, DEATHPROOF – Bitcrush, SUMO CYCO – Move Mountains and BILLY IDOL – Speed.

Henry Mahy (SELLSWORD)

Recently I listen to MOONSORROW when running but I can’t remember the name of the song as they are all in Finnish. I can’t name one, I just stick the album on.

Stuart Perry (SELLSWORD)

When my back wasn’t completely destroyed, I used to run to DISTURBED quite a lot. Particularly the song Indestructible because you can run along to the beat.

Stay tuned for an interview with Henry Mahy and Stuart Perry from SELLSWORD about their sound, their gallant live shows and future plans.

Tim B

In Ashes They Shall Reap by HATEBREED, because it’s only one step removed from Jamie Jasta shouting “keep going” at you.

What would have you have picked for your choices? The next topic for the next Reader’s Choice is Favourite Album Openers. Those can be instrumentals or songs. I would like to know why you have picked them too. Maybe the song gives you a great feeling or it brings back memories. I shall share one of mine on my Facebook page soon after posting this to get the discussion flowing. Thank you again for your support.

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