NEWS: POWDER FOR PIGEONS – The Alternative Rock duo will take you on an Aussie road trip adventure with their new album Over & Out

Drawing their inspiration from the hot and dusty surroundings of Western Australia POWDER FOR PIGEONS has crafted a gigantic sound for a tasty mixture of Alternative Rock, Stoner and Grunge. Successfully pursuing the DIY approach Rhys, who already supported Rock giants such as STATUS QUO and DEEP PURPLE with his former Australian band, and the native German MEIKE JONES, who previously had a deal as a studio drummer with Rainy Day Records, a subsidiary of the legendary Sound City Studios in Van Nuys (Los Angeles), have built a steadily growing fanbase in over ten countries with their authentic, raw and dirty power. The couple has already toured with Monster Magnet and shared stages on their road trip between the two continents with bands like SOULFLY, SEPULTURA, MELVINS, CLUTCH and FU MANCHU, just to name a few. Having played festivals such as Czad Festiwal (PL), Vestrock (NL), Öllesummer (EST), Freak Valley (D), Up in Smoke (CH), Stoned from the Underground (D), Desertfest, Roadkill (B), Poolbar Festival (AT), Volcano Sessions (FR) among many others POWDER FOR PIGEONS emphasize their status as one of the most exciting new acts on the scene! On 01.03.2019 they will release their third album Over & Out with seven powerful tracks that will be available digitally as well as Marbled Mud vinyl.

As a foretaste of the new album, POWDER FOR PIGEONS have already released the video clip for the song Personality, which they produced with Chris Born (Rantanplan, Milowings, Beck & Rius). The music video gives an expressive insight as to what concert-goers can expect from the Aussie duo’s sweaty live shows:

Pre-order your copy of the new album “Over & Out” now at, so you have it in time for the upcoming same-named tour. So far, the following dates are confirmed for POWDER FOR PIGEONS to bring their energetic and filthy brand of two-piece power with dusty and wild stories from the bush to European clubs:

23.02.2019 DE-Münster, Rare Guitar
28.02.2019 DE-Bremen, Zollkantine
01.03.2019 DE-Hamburg, Hafenklang/Goldener Salon
02.03.2019 DE-Oldenburg, Polyester Club
13.03.2019 FR-Montpellier, The Black Sheep
14.03.2019 ES-Barcelona, Rocksound
15.03.2019 ES-Zaragoza, La Ley Seca
16.03.2019 ES-Madrid, Sala Silikona
19.03.2019 FR-Nantes, Scene Michelet
29.03.2019 DE-Hamburg, Millerntorstadion, St. Pauli Aftershow/Separée
30.03.2019 NL-Zwolle, Jacks Music Bar
04.04.2019 DE-Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik
05.04.2019 DE-Heidelberg, Beatfabrik
06.04.2019 DE-Mohnheim, Sojus
18.04.2019 DE-Heilbronn, Emma 23
30.04.2019 DE-Hannover, Glocksee
02.05.2019 DE-Leipzig, Black Label Pub
03.05.2019 DE-Nürnberg, Z-Bau
04.05.2019 DE-Neukirchen, Sägewerk
08.06.2019 DE-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
13.09.2019 DE-Potsdam, Archiv
19.09.2019 DE-Würzburg, Immerhin
20.09.2019 DE-Bamberg, Live Club
21.09.2019 DE-Passau, Zauberberg
05.10.2019 ES-Almeria, Tabernas Rock Fest

Further dates will be announced on an ongoing basis. Keep up to date and check out the POWDER FOR PIGEONS website as well as their social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram, where Rhys and Meike also regularly post photos of their stays in Down Under. Background information about the band and Over & Out is also available in the Artists & Bands profile at Dr. Music Promotion.

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