EP Review: Rhapsody of Fire – I’ll Be Your Hero

Back in 2019 we began our epic journey to The Eighth Mountain, the first chapter in The Nephilim’s Empire Saga. Herein we are given a taste of what to expect in the next instalment from Italian Symphonic Power Metal legends RHAPSODY OF FIRE with their new EP I’ll Be Your Hero.

This title track is also the new single from the Italian powerhouse. It is sheer excellence from the start with the initial vocal of “One Day I’ll Be Your Hero!” It instantly generates a battle cry for fans of the genre and will imbue you with power and might. You are left wanting to sing along with this instant classic. “Nightmares and dream in my pounding desire. Can’t stop this rage whilst earths collide, monsters and heroes in this great divide” If this is a sign of things to come from the new album, then the band really are firing from all cylinders.

Where Dragons Fly was originally released on the Japanese release of Legendary Years. For fans of the band that have not yet witnessed this brilliance, it is a perfect fit into the tales told on said release. It channels imagery of Medieval fanfare and reminds one of BLIND GUARDIAN track Skalds and Shadows and even earlier RHAPSODY piece The Village of Dwarves. There are some harmonious and glorious choruses and one can envisage a tale such as this being told around a campfire, being passed down from generation to generation in ages long since passed.

Both Rain of Fury (Live) and The Courage To Forgive (Live) were recorded on the first leg of the bands Eighth Mountain tour back in 2019. For me they instantly take me back to their Manchester show in February last year, which was sadly, the last live concert I attended before the pandemic put a halt to them. They both encapsulate the energy and passion of both the band and their fans in a live environment too and instantly put a smile on my face. These tracks are full on power metal assaults full of mighty compositions and headbanging opportunities throughout.

The Wind, The Rain And The Moon is now presented to us in the original English version and then in its previously unreleased Italian, Spanish and French versions. To hear this mighty epic sung in other languages not only allows them to be heard in another form it further solidifies that Metal as a genre is universal and can be appreciated in any language it is presented in. Like any classic opera performance some songs really do sound better sung in a different language. These renditions further embody how mighty and diverse Giacomo Voli is with his vocal prowess.

Once again RHAPSODY OF FIRE has expertly conjured some Epic Symphonic Power Metal that will leave fans across the globe spellbound.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Martin White

I’ll Be Your Hero will be unleashed on 4th June 2021 via AFM Records.

Find RHAPSODY OF FIRE on Facebook.

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