ALBUM REVIEW: Aephanemer – Prokopton

When you think you have heard it all before, something comes out of the woodwork and takes you completely by surprise. The sounds from French Melodic Death Metal group AEPHANEMER are a breath of fresh air. They have their own sound and could well be future icons of Melodic Death Metal. They are due to release their second album Prokopton. Underneath the sheer brutality and melodic symphonies, there are poignant layers within the lyrics.

Their album kicks off with the title track. When you hear the first couple minutes of the song, it’s hard to pinpoint who they sound like. It’s Melodic Death Metal with Scandinavian influences and add some Black Metal vocals to the mix. Bands like MOONSORROW and ENSIFERUM come to mind when listening to the song. The song has a strong melody and one that makes a great impact. A fantastic way to open up this brilliant album.

Prokopton means making progress. It’s a Greek word describing someone who practices stoicism in their day to day lives. It mainly focuses on looking at your faults and using them achieve self-control. These practises will often help you to become a better person.

With this meaning in mind, it explains some of the lyrical content. Lines such as “To improve rather than dwell on the past.” and “Still on guard against myself.” are insightful and poetic. Lyrics that help you reflect often tend to be the best ones.

The album contains a great array of Melodic Death Metal that is bound to go down well with fans and new listeners. Prokopton’s strong musical elements will have you immersed into the record from the moment you  press play. The songs below are some examples of what the album offers up.

Snowblind is an intriquite track that has bombastic elements. From the Black Metal opening to the sweeping arrangements throughout the song, this is easily one of the highlights of the album. The track even allows the listener to take a break from the heaviness when vocalist Marion Bascoul provides the clean vocals along to an orchestral track.

The moment you press play on the track Bloodline, you are instantly blown away by the powerful guitar riff alone. Bloodline is a strong melody where you can hear their musical elements at their best. You know the saying “opposites attract”, this heavily applies in Bloodline. The Melodic Black Metal elements and the grand sweeping symphonies work together profusely to create a dominant melody. From this track alone, you can tell instantly that they are not a band to mess with.

If I Should Die gives the listeners one last blast before the album comes to an end. It gives another great example of how they fuse these elements together to create a majestic melody.

Prokopton is a portfolio of a new refreshing brand of metal. From the sheer brutality within the vocals and guitars to the bombastic symphonic elements, it is an album that requires your full attention. Turn it up to the max and prepare to be exhilarated.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Prokopton will be released on 22nd March via Primeval Records

Find AEPHANEMER on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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