ALBUM REVIEW: Mirratal – Castaway

It’s no secret that loneliness and isolation go hand in hand, these feelings can make it harder to express our emotions. The debut album Castaway from Ukrainian Symphonic Metal band MIRRATAL portrays those feelings across in their profound music and lyrical content. This album took a few years to complete and it’s safe to say the hard work has paid off significantly. The album gets the balance of memorable melodies and profound messages spot on.

MIRRATAL are a Symphonic, Power Metal band that hail from Kyiv, Ukraine. Their story began in 2013 and the band were united by a dream to create music beyond genres, boundaries and stereotypes. If this album is anything to go by, it sounds like they have achieved this dream.

First impressions of the album itself? KAMELOT meets SCAR SYMMETRY and  bumping into APOCALYPTICA on the off chance. These influences are noticeable in the opening track Abyss Of Lunacy. Within the first few seconds you hear a cello that merges into a grand symphonic melody. You get KAMELOT and APOCALYPTICA from that. When the vocal power kicks in, you get remnants of SCAR SYMMETRY. This opening melody is a great first glimpse of the band’s perfect balance between complex messages and infectious melodies.

Nineteen people in total worked on this album. These include some spoken words from speaker Artem Vilbik on the track Timeless Sea. NIGHTWISH song The Greatest Show On Earth comes to mind when listening to Timeless Sea. The instrumental provides a calming yet grand impact when listening to the song. It’s a profound track that lets the mind wonder.

One of the other people to appear on the album is SCARLET vocalist Kateryan Kapshuk. You can hear her excellent vocal work on the track Find Your Name. The song showcases the band’s outstanding use of orchestral elements. Long time fans of Symphonic Metal are fully aware of how well orchestral elements work with the heavy distortion of metal. If you need to hear an example of it working than this track would be a great place to start.

Their use of symphonic elements is one of the highlights of Castaway. It provides a worthy ally to the distorted metal sounds. More examples of this can be heard in the tracks Mystery and Run. The beginning of Mystery alone is enough to entice the listener, the haunting piano melody is the ideal way to open up this track.

Run immediately gives off a post-apocalyptic vibe with their symphonic arrangements and it’s marching beat. These arrangements working alongside the heavy distortion of metal creates a majestic outcome.

The album ends on a high note with the song Sounds or instrumental The Wind… if you have the album with the bonus track. It can be more than fair to say that both of these tracks are more than worthy to end this album on. Lots of headbanging will happen during the track Sounds, whether that’s experiencing the track live or in your living room.

The Wind… provides the listener one last blast of Symphonic Metal, it’s an interesting instrumental that allows the listener to experience something different. Something that they wouldn’t perhaps come across before. If you listen to Castaway in all its glory, you can experience this.

Castaway is an intriguing record. The arrangements and lyrical content provide an opportunity to reflect. At the same time, the album has a great array of great melodies. Ones that will swim around in your head for days after listening. It’s a great debut album and one that will open doors for MIRRATAL.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Castaway is out now.

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