With Mental Health Awareness Month just around the corner, I felt this was the perfect topic for this month’s Reader’s Choice. We all have days where our morale is low and we need that boost to keep us going or make us smile again. I asked the reader’s and a couple of guests on what song or songs they listen to when the need that boost. Here is what they have said.

Martin W

Fucking with Fire by Edguy it always makes me smile and puts me in an amazing mood. Usually a go to song for when getting ready for going out.

Tsayrang N

Chase Your Dreams – Titan Force, Make It Real – Scorpion, Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor ….and a lot of Manowar songs.

Emily Whittingham (E.R. Whittingham Art)

That song Try Everything from Zootopia keeps me motivated.

John P

Power Quest – For Evermore. Everytime I listen to it the song makes me feel good inside and it is incredible!!

Becky W

Any Means Necessary – Hammerfall

Paul M

Gloryhammer: Legend of the Astral Hammer, it’s just EPIC and gets me moving!

Marion Bascoul (Aephanemer)

One of the songs I listen to when I need motivation is From Afar by Ensiferum. The feeling of the song is epic and it gives me the feeling that I can conquer the world.

Jake M

Rainbow In The Dark – Dio, Wishing Well – Free, Burn, Hollywood, Burn – Exodus and of course, Energia – Russkaja.

But I can’t really choose, there’s a reason my workout playlist is like 32 hrs long.

April S

Mine is Crazy Nights by Kiss

Fredrik Bergh (Bloodbound)

Riff Raff by AC/DC. It’s a song that is full of energy, especially the live version of the track.

Michael K

Better Days by Power Quest. If today is not good, there’s always better days in the future

Louis S

Power and Glory by Freedom Call: You can’t help but smile listening to it. Trondur I Gotu by Tyr: Makes me want to go out and pillage a village.

What would you have picked for your choices? Thank you to those who have submitted your choices and hope that you keep well. You know what songs to listen to when you need a boost. The next topic for Reader’s Choice are Favourite Covers. A great song cover can sound like the band’s own song and it can help you discover new bands. I will share my favourite and the details of when the post is due later on.

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