ALBUM REVIEW: Bangover – Shovel Butcher

What if someone told you that there was an album that makes you practice air guitar and headbang within the first minute? Understandably your curiosity would be peaked and those metal head senses will be tingling. The album in question is titled Shovel Butcher that was concocted by London based Thrash Outfit BANGOVER. Shovel Butcher is an ingenious invention of slick riffs, pounding beats and lyrics about all sorts. What’s not to like?

BANGOVER’s story started in 2011. They released their debut EP Divine Command Theory in Jul 2012. This received praise from fans and critics alike. One on these reviews described them as one of the most impressive Thrash Bands they had come across for a long time. The strength, power and party vibes from Shovel Butcher provide solid evidence to uphold this claim.

The title of the opening track alone is enough to reel the listener in. Beer Death Experience doesn’t beat around the bush it, it gets straight to the point. Within the first few seconds, you find yourself headbanging and practicing air guitar the finger blistering riffs. Long story short, it has the listener hooked. From this strong opener, you can’t help but want to find out more about BANGOVER and what they are about.

Songs that are named after characters or historic figures are a great way to teach us something new. In the case of BANGOVER, there is a song on the album called Grand Moff Tarkin. This will please the Star Wars fans among the metal community. The song’s music brilliantly captures the ruthlessness of this character and how he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you will learn about Grand Moff Tarkin too. Hearing a Thrash version of The Imperial March at the end was a great touch.

No Prisoners is another track that goes straight in for the kill. This is the song that will cause one mosh pit after another at live shows. Particularly with the rapid beats that encourages the punters to try and keep up with this energy fuelled track. To say No Prisoners will give you a wake-up call is a huge understatement so ideal for mornings where you are running late.

Floss Or Die is another educational song on the album. There is a first time for everything and a metal song about dental hygiene comes under this umbrella. It starts off with an extract from an actual news segment about an article with the same name. Afterwards the listeners are treated to the slick guitar work and lyrics about how important dental hygiene is. Where else are you going to hear the lyric ‘a lack of fluoride’ in a metal song?

It ends on an explosive note with the title track. It gives the listener one last chance to make their minds up whether they can handle the chaos and riots that BANGOVER will bestow upon them. Shovel Butcher is not suitable for background noise, it is an album that requires your undivided attention.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Shovel Butcher is out now.

Find BANGOVER on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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