ALBUM REVIEW: Nightwalkers – Conviction

NIGHTWALKERS latest album Conviction has been out for a little while now. Here is a break down of all the tracks. It opens with Metal Land and to be honest it doesn’t really sound much like a Thrash album. The vocals and the guitars don’t sound as heavy as I thought they were going to … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Nightwalkers – Conviction

ALBUM REVIEW: Thrashfire – Into The Armageddon

THRASHFIRE are a Thrash band from Turkey who started their musical journey in 2006. Their latest record Into The Armageddon proceeds two EPs and their debut album Thrash Burned The Hell from 2011.  They were signed to Xtreem Music in 2015; which lead to the release of their second EP - Vengeance of Fire, many … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Thrashfire – Into The Armageddon


SOLITARY’s latest EP XXV is, for me, the perfect blend of SLAYER and Dave Mustaine era METALLICA. The four piece from Preston consists of Rich Sherrington (Vocals, Guitar), Andy Mellar (Lead Guitar), Gaz Harrop (Bass), and Roy Miller (Drums). A personal favourite track is Requiem. It’s a brutally aggressive track that sets the tone in … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Solitary – XXV

ALBUM REVIEW: Bangover – Shovel Butcher

What if someone told you that there was an album that makes you practice air guitar and headbang within the first minute? Understandably your curiosity would be peaked and those metal head senses will be tingling. The album in question is titled Shovel Butcher that was concocted by London based Thrash Outfit BANGOVER. Shovel Butcher … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Bangover – Shovel Butcher

NEWS: DESTRUCTION – Introduce New Guitarist Damir Eskic

German thrash-legends DESTRUCTION are proud to welcome Damir Eskic as their second guitarist alongside Mike. Damir is a Swiss guitar player with Bosnian decent and works as a guitar teacher, himself being a former pupil of Tommy Vetterli (CORONER). He also plays in a Heavy Metal band called GOMORRA and already contributed to 3 solos of DESTRUCTION's 2016 album Under Attack. The band prepared a short video clip, in … Continue reading NEWS: DESTRUCTION – Introduce New Guitarist Damir Eskic

ALBUM REVIEW: Dishonour The Crown – The English Way

If SLAYER and PANTERA had a conspicuous love child, DISHONOUR THE CROWN would fall into that category. After a hiatus, London based Thrashers are back and they are angrier than ever before. Their latest album The English Way is making a huge impact in the airwaves with its face melting thrash. DISHONOUR THE CROWN formed … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Dishonour The Crown – The English Way


The memorable band name of these Bulgarian MELODIC THRASH DEATH METAL command is of ancient Greek origin and literally means 'fear of good'. During the summer 2018, EUFOBIA worked on the music video for the song "Cyber Pervert", which will be presented on September 17th 2018. The title of the song is so self-explanatory that … Continue reading NEWS: EUFOBIA RELEASE NEW VIDEO

“Work your arse off and be nice about it. Have fun”

Ever since catching them at my local hotspot The Firehouse over a year ago KING LEVIATHAN have been on my music radar. It is extremely pleasing to see that they have been doing well for themselves; an appearance at Bloodstock, an EP release and being prominent presence on the underground scene. I spoke to them … Continue reading “Work your arse off and be nice about it. Have fun”

Live Report: Wretched Soul @ The Firehouse, Southampton 21.11.2015

Local gigs at small venues in your home town can often be hits and misses when it comes to crowd size; however the beautiful thing about the underground metal scene is the audience will go crazy for the bands no matter how small the crowd is. Saturday night’s show at The Firehouse, Southampton proved this … Continue reading Live Report: Wretched Soul @ The Firehouse, Southampton 21.11.2015

King Leviathan – The Shrine EP (Review)

In the past year I have found Brighton, UK to be the perfect breeding ground for some of the best Underground Metal; one that came under the radar almost a year ago were a Black/Thrash Metal quartet known as KING LEVITHAN and believe me, I have keeping a close eye out for them ever since … Continue reading King Leviathan – The Shrine EP (Review)