ALBUM REVIEW: Night Screamer – Dead Of Night

It’s no secret that old school Heavy Metal is making a comeback. London based NIGHT SCREAMER are one of those bands that are making sure this happens. They have unleashed their debut album Dead Of Night and to say this will open doors for the band is a huge understatement.

The story of NIGHT SCREAMER begins in London and they formed in 2014. They have two EPs under their leather studded belts and have shared the stage with the likes of NEONFLY and NIGHT BY NIGHT. It took them eighteen months of hard work to create Dead Of Night and it’s more than safe to say the hard work had paid off significantly.

The album is an excellent portfolio of rolling riffs, dominant vocal work and pounding beats. The urges to drive a fast car and party until dawn come to the surface when listening to these tracks. No track is the same on this record, each one has a story to tell.

The opening riff of Blood On The Wall (F***** It Up!) sounds similar to LED ZEPPELIN’s Whole Lotta Love. A brutal and heavier version of the track that is. The verses of this track take a turn in the Thrash department, with the rapid riffs and beats. Meanwhile, the chorus keeps to the straight up Heavy Metal, sticking to their nostalgic frame work. This is just one of the great examples that NIGHT SCREAMER have to offer.March Of The Dead could help start a revolutionary rebellion. That marching beat and the fist pumping guitar work will make any individual want to stick it to the man. It’s one of the things that attracts fans to Heavy Metal to begin with and March Of The Dead captures this perfectly.

Party With The Devil is the ear worm of the album. It’s foot stomping beat, memorable lyrics and infectious melody will go down well with fans. Whether they are experiencing this track live or listening to in their living room, this track will go down a treat. Party With The Devil is the song that will swim in your head hours after listening to the track. Want to know what will happen if you listen to this song enough times? Look at the name of the song and you will be singing “party with the devil” before you know it.

Rise Above is empowering track. It’s the one you need to listen to when things aren’t quite going your way. It’s a soaring song that makes the listener feel they can conquer the world. The emotions of wanting to live life in the fast lane and be free come to the surface when this track plays. Another reason why listeners turn to Heavy Metal; to escape reality and feel free. That feeling is represented brilliantly in this song.

It ends on a pounding note with the track Out Of My Mind. It gives the listener one last blast of that balls the walls, straight forward Heavy Metal sound that NIGHT SCREAMER have successfully produced.

Each track captures a vital part of what Heavy Metal is all about and it will channel through whoever listens to it. Heavy Metal isn’t dead and NIGHT SCREAMER prove this.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Dead Of Night is out now.

Find NIGHT SCREAMER on Facebook, Twitter, Band Camp and their official website.

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