EP REVIEW: Tarah Who? – 64 Women

When first looking into this band, I found that lead vocalist Tarah has a commanding presence. This drew me in immediately and I knew I’d found a rock and roll woman I could get on board with. She was previously incarcerated in downtown LA with 64 women and used this experience to create the title of the band’s EP.

For any lovers of the grunge movement of the 90’s and badass female fronts, TARAH WHO? does not disappoint. This five track EP has varying layers of grunge influences and each song gave me something new. Tarah’s voice has serious Courtney Love vibes but their sound as a whole cannot be pinned to one band’s influence. This is exactly what I would want from a grunge band in this day and age.  As the genre is lesser used now, what we don’t want is an imitation of how it used to be. I believe TARAH WHO? have done a great job of using this genre and making it their own.

The track Copycat’s opening riff has a lot of funk to it, but the chorus becomes harder hitting and much more of a head banger. It’s really catchy and exactly what I look for in a good rock song.

The track Numb Killer starts at a ten and the higher tuning they play, reminds me of later NIRVANA. Closer to Scentless Apprentice and Serve The Servants. This track has a much harder rock sound and really shows off their rock and roll style. This hard-hitting rock and roll style is reinforced with the aggression in Tarah’s voice and the pace and intensity of the drums. 

The band also shows its slower side with the track Hurt. It’s a raw intimate song about love lost. The tone of the lyrics is complimented with the strong echoing voice over the softer drum beats and simpler guitar riffs.

I really enjoyed this EP. After listening to it a few times through back to back, I can happily say it’s a great hard rock album and for any lovers of grunge, it’s a really great listen. I love their musical style and I love their vibe. A dude and two badass babes, all with serious talent who are all about hard hitting rock songs. TARAH WHO? are touring America, Canada and across Europe this Summer and Fall and I know I’ll be making a trip to one of the UK shows. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their next release.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Amanda Nicholls

64 Women is out now.

Find TARAH WHO? on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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