“We created the concept for each track (i.e, what part of the story would the track tell), and then wrote the music according to the theme.”

A new band of warriors are rising and they aim to tell the world of their tales. West Sussex based GRIMGOTTS are this band of warriors, they released their second album only last month and it’s proven to be very well recieved. Lotty Whittingham spoke to Andy Barton about GRIMGOTT’s sound, their latest album and who he would take into band.

Tell the readers about Grimgotts and what your sound is all about.

Grimgotts aim to create epic, catchy and thought evoking music – those thoughts being adventures on the high seas!

Who are your influences? Musical and other.

We all enjoy Power Metal such as Sonata Arctica, Helloween and Twilight Force. Further to this, we take inspiration from movies such as the Pirates of the Caribbean, and film-scores from similar films. 

You released Dragons Of The Ages last month. Looks like it’s been well received by fans and critics, would you agree?

We would – we’re really pleased with how the album has been received. All feedback is positive, and we’ll always take criticism constructively. However, the feedback so far has been fantastic!

Do you have a favourite song or songs on the album? I liked the different elements in The Long Road.

That’s one of our favourites as well (and it was almost abandoned from the album!) – I think we’re all proud of Here be Dragonlords as it is certainly our most ambitious track to date. 

What song writing process do you guys follow? I know some have the music written first then lyrics go in afterwards.

We created the concept for each track (ie, what part of the story would the track tell), and then wrote the music according to the theme. Lyrics were written after, but we knew what they would entail beforehand. 

Who designed the album artwork? 

Arctic Wolf Design – https://www.facebook.com/arcticwolfdesign

Are there touring plans for Grimgotts?

We are looking into a tour – it depends on whether we would support or headline. If the latter, then we would need to carefully consider the best route. 

Which five people would you take on an adventurous quest? They can dead, alive, fiction or nonfiction.

Well I think we’d just go as a band! If it’s at sea though we may have to ditch one of us to bring a captain… We’d probably chuck Fabio off the boat (only because he grew up on an island and I imagine he’s the best swimmer) and ask Jack Sparrow to come along for the ride. 

What does the rest of 2019 hold for Grimgotts?

Gigs! For our next show we’re headlining at The Unicorn in Camden on July 26th! 

Thank you Andy for taking the time to answer these questions and best wishes.

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