The albums have been revealed, I have written a post about the singles that have made my year so far. There have been a great array releases and there have been some great songs. These have been a great way to discover brand new bands too. So without further ado, here is a list of the singles that have made my year so far.

Wind Rose – Diggy Diggy Hole

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past five years, we have all come across Diggy Diggy Hole by YOGSCAST at some point. Given that WIND ROSE are known for their Dwarven metal, it’s no secret that they were the perfect band to cover this iconic track. The marching beats, folky sounds and dwarf power are all present and correct here.

Control The Storm – Follow Me

Ever since catching them at at a local venue a few years ago, I have keeping up to date with Bristol based CONTROL THE STORM. They released their brilliant new single Follow Me, which is taken from their upcoming album Forevermore. I love the empowering melody; it makes you want to grab the air and it makes you feel you can conquer the world. It’s more than safe to say that this song takes your breath away and leaves you feeling great. If this is what’s to come on the album, I say bring it on.

Blackbriar (feat. Ulli Perhonen) – Snow White And Rose Red

I have a fascination with fairy tales so the title of this song drew me in instantly. This was found by chance on YouTube and I have been hooked to the song since. This song is an artistic masterpiece that is full of drama, passion and impact. I have already lost count on how many times I have listened to this song in the past week and still feel chills when I listen to it. I personally love the vocal work between BLACKBRIAR vocalist Zora Cock and guest vocalist Ulli Perhonen (SNOW WHITE BLOOD). The contrast between the different voices works spectacularly well. It was this song that led me to discovering both BLACKBRIAR and SNOW WHITE BLOOD. This is easily one of the best songs I have come across this year.

Amon Amarth – Crack The Sky

The Vikings are back and they have come down hard. No introductions needed hear, AMON AMARTH are a household name in the metal community. I am a fan of the Vikings so when I heard they were to release a new album this year, I was automatically intrigued. The single that turned my attention was Crack The Sky. I love the pumping energy in the track from the word go and that empowering chorus makes me feel like raiding my nearest village.

Aephanemer – Bloodline

When reviewing the album, I came across this bombastic single. Within the first few seconds, I was already enticed by the huge melody. The balance of brutality and majestic beauty can be heard in this track, I am fan of tracks that can showcase this. The melody is infectious and this is one of the songs that shows the band’s impeccable talent. They are future Melodic Death Metal giants, keep your eye out for them.

Skillet – Legendary

I first heard this song on the radio show Women’s Crush Wednesday as part of Metal Mayhem Radio. It’s atmospheric, punchy and empowering. I was aware of the band before and have been meaning to listen to them for a little while. So, this is a great introduction to the band and I look forward to listening to more from them.

What would you have chosen? Honourable mentions go to SABATON, MAJESTICA, HAMMERFALL, FROZEN CROWN, BLACK SHEETS OF RAIN and SLIPKNOT.

That concludes the half way posts. Thanks again for all your support and stay tuned for the posts.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

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