Two weeks are up, this must mean it’s time to update the playlist. There has been an array of album and single releases this week. Lagerstein, The HU, Freedom Call, Those Damn Crows and Alter Bridge just to name a few. Some that are fresh off the press; for example Visions Of Atlantis, Obsidian Tide and Tarja.

I should also mention it was her birthday in the past two weeks too. Alongside Massive’s Brad Marr, Judas Priest legend Rob Halford, Gene Simmons and it would have been Dimebag Darrell’s birthday.

Slipknot and Behemoth have recently announced a tour together, be sure to grab your tickets for any of the shows you plan on going to. Jinjer has also been announced as the main support act for The Agonist so a song of hers is on there too.

Enjoy the playlist guys.

Rock Out Stand Out Playlist – 30.08.2019

Lagerstein – Drink Of The Pirates
Tarja – Silent Masquerade
Freedom Call – One Step Into Wonderland
Behemoth – O Father O Satan O Sun!
Obsidian Tide – The Harbringer and the Millennial Vengeance
The HU – The Great Chinggis Khan
Equilibrium – Johnny B
Eclipse – Viva La Victoria
Those Damn Crows – Who Did It
Massive – Dancefloor
Pantera – Walk
Edenbridge – Live and Let Go
Airbourne – Boneshaker
Alter Bridge – Take The Crown
Insomnium – Valediction
KISS – Rock And Roll All Nite
Visions Of Atlantis – The Siren & The Sailor
Slipknot – Before I Forget
Jinjer – Judgement (& Punishment)
Judas Priest – Painkiller

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