Alongside the usual playlist this week, there will be one dedicated to all things sleazy. HRH Sleaze takes place this weekend and Rock Out Stand Out’s Lotty Whittingham will be in attendance.

The playlist includes some of the bands that are playing at the festival. These bands include Reckless Love, Crashdiet, Enuff Z’Nuff, The Cruel Intentions, Saints Of Sin and a few more.

Rock Out Stand Playlist: HRH Sleaze Special

Reckless Love – Night On Fire
The Cruel Intentions – Sick Adrenaline
Knock Out Kaine – Set The Night On Fire
Crashdiet – Cocaine Cowboys
Trophies Of Man – October
Enuff Z’Nuff – New Thing
The Dogs D’Amour – Debauchery
Stop, Stop! – Stop, Stop!
Fallen Mafia – Dirty
Dust Bowl Jokies – Devil’s Kin
Daxx & Roxanne – Girl Next Door
Takeaway Thieves – I Wish You Were Dead
Saints Of Sin – Wasted Nights
Vain – 1000 Degrees
Black Roze – So Sleazy
Doomsday Outlaw – Bring You Pain
Trench Dogs – Forgotten Melodies
The Midnight Dogs – Let’s Go
The Fiascos – Livin’ On Nothing
The Main Grains – Teenage Kicks

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