ALBUM REVIEW: Hawk Eyes – Advice

This album took me by surprise when listening to it. After reading Advice was the fourth album of HAWK EYES, I took a look at their albums they had released previously and found this to be taking a different direction than their older records. Although I can hear their sound in it and it’s not a far reach from their older tracks, it wasn’t what I expected.

HAWK EYES are a UK metal band from Leeds and after the release of Everything Is Fine four years ago, they have bounced back with their latest creation Advice. Their stand point is that the world is full of people giving unsolicited advice and opinions of what you should do and who you should be. Advice is their contribution.

It opens with Royal Trouble, which was their first single release from the album. Their sound has definitely evolved over time, which is something I love in new music. As much as we want our favourite bands to stay true to their sound, it’s natural to want that. However, if all their albums sounded the same, we would lose interest. HAWK EYES keep us on our toes each album and this opening track prepares us for that new journey.

The whole album is not lacking in hefty guitar lines and big solos. Metal has changed to be a lot more technical these days. Even though the days of screeching solos in every song seem to have passed, this is something the band wanted to bring back to the forefront. The guitar work across this album is awesome and they live up to the name “riff monsters”, given to them by Q Magazine.

The song Smokes reminds me of Halloween, particularly with the spoken word by Richard O’Brien at the start and throughout. The song is relentless and although the drum line isn’t the most technical, it ties the varying riffs together perfectly and the vocals being more punk rock goes with the overall sound so well.

There are two tracks which caught be off guard, not because they didn’t fit in but because they had very abrupt endings which confused me when listening.

The first of these was Follow Me which I had to check didn’t just cut out while I was listening. The second was State of Opposition. Each time I have listened to this album I have had to check before remembering, that’s just how they ended.

They are both great songs, State of Opposition is particularly heavy in its tone, which I liked; it has a 90’s sound to it as parts are grungy and parts are Nu Metal. Follow Me is different to this in that it has a softer, more post punk sound, but if it combined itself with alternative rock.

Overall, I enjoyed this album. Their skills in song writing are definitely credible and I love that none of their songs are like the others. The album flows yet every song sounds quite different, which is a skill in itself. I’ve heard many albums try to do the same and end up with a very disjointed album. That is not the case with Advice.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Amanda Nicholls

Advice will be dished out 6th September 2019 via Drakkar Entertainment.

Find HAWK EYES on Facebook, Twitter and Band Camp.

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