ALBUM REVIEW: Metalite – Biochemicals

Biomechanicals is the second offering by METALITE from Sweden. This is the first album with new vocalist Erica Ohlsson where her vocals perfectly compliment the music created on this album. The band themselves have developed their style from what was unleashed on their debut Heroes in Time and is ideal for the digital age.

Far From The Sanctuary is the album opener, this utilises sampling/electronic sounds akin to SONIC SYNDICATE but with a more of a Melodic Power Metal approach. It provides a good foundation for the rest of the album to follow.

Apocalypse is my favourite from the album. It contains a catchy chorus considering the subject matter involved and there’s a decent solo too, this was certainly a perfect choice for a single release.

The title track instantly conjures images of robotic mechanisations grinding into existence, along with automatons on a production line slowly coming to life and then heading out into the world full of power and free will. This is an example of how you could anaphorically look at how the band have developed since their first album and how they are striving to continue to rise and grow as a group.

Warrior reminds me of the progression through a retro videogame with use of “LEVEL ONE” and “LEVEL TWO” to introduce the start of each verse. The lyrical content is totally there for the Power Metal fan. However, instead of the usual associated fighting-fantasy, this is clearly more steampunk or science-fantasy themed.

With myself being a fan of horror, I instantly resonate that Mind Of A Monster could be told from the perspective of Frankenstein’s Monster. Although the creature appears different, inside we are all the same. We all have thoughts, feelings and emotions regardless. It is written as if there is internal conflict from building a barrier up thinking you are alike but you realistically need to get out of the negative mindset and breakdown the proverbial wall first. This is reinforced by lyrics such as “in the shapes of the candlelight, you are unaware of the demon inside… we’re going to shut downMind Of A Monster. A personal opinion, but could one go ahead and say that this is perhaps the anthem we need to raise the flag higher for mental health awareness?

World On Fire is a positive feel-good song, and just makes me smile! It’s lyrically a way of showing that one can push themselves and needn’t hold back. Why aim for the clouds when you could aim straight for the stars?

From Eye Of The Storm it appears our Warrior from earlier in the album has intertwined their destiny with another utilised through “… A warrior courageous, whose born as a fighter. To the sky, she flies, to save the empire” and “Forever free they are the chosen ones, and together they fly through the Eye Of The Storm” The song resonates unity and strength.

Breakaway is what you could state as the “ballad” of the album, I do though use this term loosely. This is not a soft song, it’s just as loud as the rest of the album. It has a great use of a weeping guitar solo and very heartfelt lyrics.

Social Butterflies is another catchy song and has a lengthy strong guitar solo too.

The opening line in Rise Of The Phoenix for me says it all “I’m alive and I can feel the thunder!” It has powerful guitar and solo work. I really love the bridge leading into the final chorus.

Victory Or Death brings the album to a close and is an opportune song to both dance and head bang to. The tempo could even be associated to that of a folk-metal song. There is enough for the track to stand out but also tie the album together.

From the offset one could instantly make comparisons with METALITE to AMARANTHE. Which is no surprise considering it’s produced by Jacob Hansen, who has produced their releases respectively. That stops once you give this album a listen.

METALITE certainly have made a sterling effort with Biomechanicals, they have fantastically fused a mega-machine assembled from Metalcore, Power Metal, Melodic Metal, Pop and Electronica.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Martin White

Biomechanicals will be out this Friday via AFM Records.

Find METALITE on Facebook and their official website.

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