Yes you read correctly, the playlist is being updated a bit earlier than normal. Reason being that from tomorrow, I will be away until Tuesday. I didn’t want to leave you without an updated playlist so here it is.

There have been a bunch of great releases. Single releases come from Brothers Of Metal, Amberian Dawn, Nordic Union, Those Damn Crows, The Dark Element, Airborne, Pretty Maids and Hevisaurus. When Pretty Maid’s play, think of Ronnie Atkins with his recent cancer diagnosis.

Alter Bridge released their much anticipated album Walk The Sky last week. Album releases also come from In Sanity with future ones coming from Metalite and Edenbridge this Friday.

Dakesis announced a new crowdfunder for their upcoming album this week so there is a song of their’s to honour this announcement.

There are birthdays in camp Amaranthe, Gojira, The 69 Eyes and Europe. So there are songs from each of these bands in the playlist.

Enjoy the playlist and see you next time.

rock out stand out playlist 23.10.2019

Brothers Of Metal – Njord
Metalite – Social Butterflies
Nordic Union – My Fear And My Faith
Pretty Maids – Firesoul Fly
Amberian Dawn – United
Alter Bridge – Godspeed
Gojira – Silvera
Jinjer – On The Top
In Sanity – Welcome To The Show
Infect Rain – Black Gold
Hevisaurus – 100
Amaranthe – The Nexus
Those Damn Crows – Sin On Skin
Faithsedge – Back From This
The 69 Eyes – Lost Boys
Airbourne – She Gives Me Hell
The Dark Element – The Pallbearer Walks Alone
Dakesis – Judgement Day
Edenbridge – On The Other Side
Europe – Rock The Night

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