LIVE REPORT: Leaves’ Eyes & Sirenia w/ Forever Still, Lost In Grey and Kassogtha @ The Asylum, Birmingham 29.11.2019

The night was electric with adrenaline and anticipation. Whilst waiting outside the venue; the fans were delving into LEAVES EYES repertoire and highlighting their views on the bands back catalogue.

First to kick off the Female Metal Voices tour were Swiss Melodic Death metallers KASSOGTHA. The band owned the stage with strength and endurance. The lead singer Stephanie Huguenin was particularly a strong character in the band; her powerful vocals complimented the strong iron lung growl of her backing vocals partner Baud Mortimer. Bass guitarist Martin Burger captivated the crowds with heavy and solid riffs that cemented the performance perfectly.

Find KASSOGTHA on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

Finnish Symphonic Metal outfit LOST IN GREY’s performance had a stunningly beautiful violin piece played by Emily Leone. The piece then leads into a haunting melodic beat on the keyboard played by Harri Koskela that was was accompanied by powerful bass played by Aapo Lindberg. What an adrenaline rush of the beauty and poise of the vocalists Emily Leone and Anne Lill that then followed the harsh growl of Harri Koskela. Each and every band member displayed a stunning stage presence.

Find LOST IN GREY on Facebook, Instagram and their official website.

Danish Alternative rockers FOREVER STILL entered majestically with plenty of heavy bass line performed by Mikkel Haastrup. The atmosphere was intoxicating and invigorating with the band’s presence and lyrics. The vocals were projected with elegance and power by Maja Shining, this was while being accompanied by a beautifully haunting piano.

Find FOREVER STILL on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

Norwegian Symphonic Metal troupe SIRENIA entered the stage accompanied by a beautiful melodic choir, their stage presence is overwhelmingly powerful. Emmanuelle Zoldan displayed mesmerising and beautiful vocal work. The gruff vocals were projected with powerful talent by Morten Veland. The crowd was captivated by the performance, waving their horns and arms in the air in sync with the music. 

Find SIRENIA on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

During my time in the interval leading up to headliners LEAVES’ EYES, I chatted to a group of people that offered their story. They told me that they were looking forward hearing the following songs Hell to the Heavens, My Destiny and Through Our Veins.

After eager anticipation, the band entered to a beautiful melodic choir introduction and the trademark Viking background was present on the stage was. Their performance was on point and stunningly orchestrated. Elina Siirala gave us beautiful haunting vocals that fused well with Alex Krull’s powerful gruff vocals. Elina and Alex encouraged the crowd to engage with them by clapping and waving their arms. Amongst the set list were the tracks from the new EP Black Butterfly. This was the first tour since the release of the EP and it was received by the fans with great pleasure. They also played the popular tracks My Destiny and Hell To The Heavens. It ended with a high note with the track Blazing Waters.

Since last playing in the United Kingdom in Koko, London in December 2018, the fans were rejoicing the return of the Symphonic Metal titans. Even in the face of technical issues, LEAVES’ EYES gave their best performance and left the venue a buzz with adrenaline.

Find LEAVES’ EYES on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

Words: Becky Weale

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