“There is something special with physical media, and you can’t really get the sensation of going through a booklet through a downloaded track.”

Sweden’s ELEINE have been enlightening us with their delightful symphonic metal since releasing their debut album in 2015. They are scheduled to tour with MYRATH in 2020 across Europe and have recently released their five track EP titled All Shall Burn. Rock Out Stand Out’s Martin White recently submitted some questions to ELEINE’s Madeleine Liljestam from our writers and readers respectively.

What made you decide to do an EP rather than an LP this time around?

We released a full length album just last year. So there wasn’t a decision whether we should release a full length album or an EP. All Shall Burn is something we wanted to release in between albums to give our listeners a taste of what’s to come.

Due to the rise in popularity of digital downloads, do you think CD’s are a dying trend? If so do you plan on solely releasing music digitally?

Not at all. There is something special with physical media, and you can’t really get the sensation of going through a booklet through a downloaded track. Another great thing about physical media is that you can get it signed at live concerts. Digital downloads are also great. You can take your favourite tracks anywhere without a bunch of batteries and a boombox, just your phone.

What is the inspiration behind your outfits?

I’m inspired by a combination between gothic and middle eastern clothing.

Who inspires you as musicians?

There are very many musicians/bands that bring inspiration. Rammstein, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Dio, Kreator etc. to name a few.

What was the thought process behind doing a cover of Rammstein’s Mein Herz Brennt?

Mein Herz Brennt is our first cover and it was chosen because Rammstein has been a great inspiration to us over the years and we felt it was a great addition to the EP. Also, Rikard is part German so he’s got that thing going for him as well.

What advise would you give to someone who wants to start their own band?

Stay true and listen to your gut.

What do you like to do to unwind whilst on tour?

I enjoy hanging out with the band, we’re a tight group that know how to have fun together and know when to buckle down. So it’s quite easy to unwind. Other than hanging out, I do enjoy silence whenever I get some.

Where do you most like to perform? Is there a specific venue, city of country?

I can’t exclude any at this moment. There are big venues that are great and smaller ones too. But, a lot of new venues will be discovered during our upcoming tour with Myrath in February/March. So that’ll be fun!

For Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die), was the song originally intended to be done in this style or was it composed to be played as it is on the the previous release Until The End?

It was written as it was for the album Until The End, no intention to do anything else. I got the idea when we decided to do the EP, it sounded fantastic and we just ran with it.

Would you consider doing any of the other tracks from the EP (or even from previous releases) as purely symphonic?

Not really from the EP. Hell Moon and All Shall Burn turned out very monumental and great so we are very satisfied with that. From Until The End? Maybe, there are some I have in mind that I think might sound absolutely fantastic. In the future? Sure, that would be fun. But it’s a wait and see kind of thing.

Thank Madeleine for taking the time to speak with Rock Out Stand Out today.

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