As well as his top ten live shows, Martin reveals his top ten albums of 2019. Here is what he picked.

10. Jeff Lynne’s ELOFrom Out of Nowhere

ELO are one of those bands that just reminds me of my Dad. Their latest offering is really good and has some awesome tracks throughout, my song selection from this album is a slower number.

9. DragonForceExtreme Power Metal

Now I went off DRAGONFORCE a few years ago after seeing them live for the third time (Inhuman Rampage Tour) and was disappointed with Ultra Beatdown. I listened to this album with open arms and was extremely impressed and thoroughly enjoyed seeing it played live in Manchester this year too.

8. Luke Appleton – Snake Eyes

Acoustic Metal you say? How does that work? Get this album played and you will totally understand how this works. I have been able to see Luke perform songs from the album twice this year – once in my hometown Rock Bar (Sanctuary Rock Bar – Burnley) and at Power Metal Quest Fest and it works just as well live as it does on album.  An awesome debut.

7. Sellsword – …Unto The Breach

The second album from York’s metal mercenaries! Touching on Arthurian lore, Pirates and sieges! HUZZAH!

6. Blackmayne – Spat From Hell

The long awaited second album from Kent’s BLACKMAYNE. Utter NWOBHM brilliance along with some re-recordings of some tracks from the original release too.

5. Wednesday 13 – Necrophaze

The Official Soundtrack to the Horror film that has not yet been made! This is WEDNESDAY 13 at his best. The Duke of Spook takes you into the Necrophaze and certainly a scream for all horror fans.

4. Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

A well timed choice for a release with the 9th being my birthday! SLIPKNOT are one of my favourite bands and have been for years, granted some of their material does not grip me as much as IOWA or the first album but this album is a welcome nod to their earlier material.

3. Forlorn Hope – Over The Hills

My inner history nerd was extremely happy with this album (also do like Sharpe too) so it helps that the album is centred around the conflicts and skirmishes of the Peninsular/Napoleonic Wars with a welcome cover of Over the Hills and Far Away.

2. Demonic Resurrection – Live At Bloodstock 2018

This instantly just takes me back to Bloodstock 2018 when I was celebrating my 30th birthday over the course of the festival. DEMONIC RESURRECTION were awesome live and this song selection shows how good the band are and their sense of humour too, I sadly missed them touring the UK this year due to a gig clash but would well recommend them to anyone into Blackened-Death/Symphonic Death Metal!

NUMBER 1: Control The Storm – Forevermore

An amazing second album for CONTROL THE STORM – I was very excited for this release due to backing it on Kickstarter and was lucky enough to see songs performed live at Power Metal Quest Fest this year too.

That was Martin’s top ten albums. Below you can find a playlist of songs that he handpicked to go alongside his top ten posts.


Blackmayne – Don’t Envy The Dead
Power Quest – Neverworld (Power Quest, Pt. II)
Control The Storm – Follow Me
KISS – Love Gun
DragonForce – Heart Demolition
Wednesday 13 – ZODIAC
Sellsword – Buccaneers
Eden’s Curse – Black Widow
Static X – Push It
Demonic Resurrection – Narasimha: The Man-Lion (Live)
Demons & Wizards – Gallows Pole
Alice Cooper – He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
Slipknot – Nero Forte
Grim Reaper – See You In Hell
Forlorn Hope – Vitoria
Luke Appleton – Medusa
Kamelot – Stories Unheard
Dakesis – By The Fading Light
Imperial Age – Aryvarta
Jeff Lynne’s ELO – Goin’ Out On Me

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