The next team member to reveal their top ten albums is Amanda. There are going to be some similarities between these lists, some of our team members have picked some of the same albums. See if you can spot those during the course of the week.

Words from the Editor: Amanda was the first team member to Rock Out Stand Out and from day one, she has and continues to produce top notch reviews. It’s clear when you read her writing that she does a great amount of research into the artist she’s reviewing, this is valued greatly in the journalling world. Her knowledge for particular genres also shines through her reviews. She is a strong team member.

10. While She Sleeps – So What?

This album is heavier and more aggressive, yet cleaner and more melodic. I think it’s more attainable for listeners in part, as well as bringing the thunder where it counts. I’ve liked WHILE SHE SLEEPS for a while and for me they’re just a nice go to band, so I enjoy listening to this album as part of their discography. It has enough aggression to get me going and that’s all I ask for really.

9. Killswitch Engage – Atonement

This album is beautiful for multiple reasons but mostly as a testament to Jesse. He has been through so much in regards to the band and his personal life and this album is such a triumph over adversity and for that, it deserves so much recognition.

8. Beartooth – Disease (Re-Release)

I love this album SO much, but as it’s a re-release I placed it lower on my list. It’s their best album yet in my opinion and the re-release includes a few extra tracks and some live tracks from Rock Am Ring. This album makes me dance, it makes me cry, it makes me thrash, it has everything and it’s stunning.

7. Korn – The Nothing

This KORN album is pretty classic KORN and that’s why I like it. They have a great balance of taking their music in a different direction for one or two albums and then doing another classic sounding record. It’s nothing special for them, but it’s a good easy listening album for any long term KORN fans like myself.

6. Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

Another highly anticipated album for all, I was extremely excited for this record. I actually loved it, even though it has mixed reviews across the board. The released tracks are everything and some of the tracks are taking a slightly different direction which I’m really excited for. People seem unsure about Spiders, but I actually loved how creepy and weird it is. It wasn’t perfect and there was a LOT of hype around it, which doesn’t help expectation, but I will always have a huge love for SLIPKNOT and their work.

5. Of Mice And Men – Earthandsky

I always appreciate an OF MICE AND MEN album, so much so Spotify say they’re my band of the decade – which actually surprised me a lot. This album is no exception to my love of them, I have really enjoyed it. It’s heavy and very on brand for them. It’s nothing revolutionary, they haven’t strayed too far from their path, but I loved it all the same.

4. Tool – Fear Innoculum

The album of the decade for many, the album everyone in metal has been waiting for and it did not disappoint. They brought their psychedelic stoner sound to 2019 and it worked so well. Long epics, heavy and dreamy, exactly what I wanted from a new TOOL album.

3. Billie Eilish – When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go

It’s new, fresh, different and beautiful. She shows so much talent in lyric writing as well as singing talent with vocals spanning across multiple octaves. I was surprised by just how much I loved this album and have spammed it since its release. Her personality really comes across and she shows so much musical talent; she’ll be around for a long time I believe.

2. In Flames – I, The Mask

There are so many great songs from this album and it’s the first IN FLAMES album in a while I’ve really obsessed over. A lot of IN FLAMES fans are iffy about their later albums, and the die hards miss the days of Clayman and Whoracle, but I think this album is one of their best in a while personally.

NUMBER 1: Periphery – Periphery VI: Hail Stan

My most listened to album of 2019 according to Spotify and a few of my most listened to songs as well; this album blew me away and made me so happy. One of my personal favourite bands for around 10 years, they never fail to knock it out the park. The album is everything right with prog metal. It’s brutally heavy at times, weird and wonderful and beautifully written.

That was Amanda’s top ten albums of 2019. Thank you for all your hard work Amanda.

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