Next up, we have Becky’s choice for her top ten albums. Enjoy this power, symphonic and folk metal fest that is to be bestowed upon you.

Words from the Editor: Becky’s knowledge and passion for the metal scene shines through in her beautifully written reviews. Each one of her reviews tells a story of her experience listening to the album or watching a live show. An asset to the team.

The best love in my music repertoire is power, symphonic and folk metal. Nothing gets my adrenaline flowing like a good cheesy song involving quests, mythical characters and fast heart pumping chorus line.

Without further ado, here is my top ten.

10. Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra – Legacy Of The Dark Lands

This album has been long awaited by fans, a concept album that was in production for twenty years. It’s beautifully written and performed. The songs flow seamlessly into the next, the orchestra is beautifully conducted. It’s difficult to pick a favourite track as the lyrics in each song contribute towards the story. Hansi Kürsch and fellow band members have once again demonstrated talent and dedication in their art.

9. Sabaton – The Great War

SABATON to me have always been true artists in the power metal genre communicating the past wars with great respect, detail and dedication.

Devil Dogs is a tale of the US Marines; particularly their trials and tribulations nearing the end of the war. It projects the feeling of the rough seas during the ongoing battle

The End Of The War To End Wars is a mournful tune in its intro, which rapidly spirals into what sounds like the final judgement all must face in war.

In Flanders Fields opens with a chorus of women crooning a sad lullaby in homage to the battlegrounds of The Great War.

Overall, The Great War is an epic journey from start to finish, telling the historical tales in lyric form and demonstrating the emotional upheaval that is war.

8. Majestica – Above The Sky

This album is well written and is an essential listen for any power metalhead. There is plenty of variety across the album, the songs are fast, uplifting and captivating.

Above The Sky is a triumph beautifully written, Tommy Johansson’s voice has an phenomenal vocal range and the guitar solo is awe inspiring . The Way To Redemption  has fast paced adrenaline flowing guitars, Tommy Johansson’s stunning angelic voice comes forth and takes your mind on a musical journey.

This shows the extent of Tommy Johansson’s and the rest of the member’s talents and abilities within the power metal genre.

7. Sonata Arctica – Talviyö

This album sends a chill down your spine. This is a beautifully written, orchestrated and haunting piece of art. The memorable pieces of this album are Message From The Sun -this song is beautifully painting the picture of a harsh cold winter and the effects of the dark unilluminated season of winter. Cold takes a tale of a relationship that is become cold, distant and strained, catchy, haunting and tragic lyrics with guitars that cermet the atmosphere of the song. Truly is a magnificent composed and performed piece of art.

6. Rhapsody Of Fire – The Eighth Mountain

This is the first album featuring the new vocalist Giacomo Voli. The band’s effective use of heavy riffs and catchy choruses with classical elements highlight the band’s talent. Some of the epic tracks that really caught my attention was Seven Heroic Deeds; there are gloriously spectacular keyboards, heavy powerful riffs that grab your attention immediately with the powerful vocals

In Master of Piece, the listener can hear Giacomo Voli’s vocal range, beautiful powerful and stunning accompanied by mighty crescendo of guitars. I’ve listened to this album on many occasions and it’s a masterpiece from beginning to end.

5. Twilight Force – Dawn Of The Dragonstar

Despite the change of singer, no quality has been lost from this band. Alessandro Conti fits perfectly into this exquisitely orchestrated album. This album’s title track is a brilliant introduction into the new album bursting with catchy lyrics and upbeat powerful guitar riffs. Thunder Sword is equal in its quality and contains variety of different instruments from banjos to guitars. The powerful track Words Of Wisdom makes me eager to get up on my steed and go on an adventure. A must listen if you enjoy fantasy and power metal. This album is beautifully written and performed.

4. Dragonforce – Extreme Power Metal

DRAGONFORCE have entered this top 10 with this heart stopping, adrenaline filled triumph that is extreme power metal. The songs that grabbed my attention was Cosmic Power of The Infinite Shred Machine – this has stunning fasted paced guitars by Herman Li and Sam Totman. There is also catchy lyrics sang by the talented powerful vocalist Marc Hudson.

Heart Demolition is a sorrow filled heart-breaking lyrically. It’s a tear-jerking piece that is beautifully written and paints a story of woe of a failed relationship.

This album has its fair share of lyrical delights to be discovered, exploring this musical feast is highly recommended.

3. HammerFall – Dominion

HAMMERFALL have been a firm favourite of mine since I first discovered them in 2016. I love the picture they paint about mythical journeys involving warriors and quests. This album is a smorgasbord of power metal delights. Never Forgive Never Forget starts the adrenaline flowing by the excellent lyrics sang by the iron lungs belonging to Joacim Cans. Testify is a power metal triumph with plenty of fast paced guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. Second To One is a beautiful ballad with haunting slow guitars in the background. This album is a power metal journey of epic proportions.

2. Beast In Black – From Hell With Love

This album has a cheesy eighties vibe that I love. The catchy lyrics will bring a smile to your face. There are cheerful melodies that make me have an incredible urge to break out my air keyboard. There are such great songs such as Die By The Blade, the melodic soothing Ocean Deep and the powerful atmospheric This Is War. A singalong masterpiece perfect for organising a power metal party for you and your fellow metalheads.

NUMBER 1: Ancient Bards – Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)

This is a beautiful gem in the power metal crown. The songs are powerful, hard hitting and reach me on an emotional level. The beautiful classical elements are soul stirring in the track Impious Dystopia that fills this role with the addition of the glorious performance from the choirs. Aureum Legacy combines the gentle side of a ballad with the majestic magnitude of a power metal chorus. This album is a treat for all your symphonic metal lovers out there.

There is Becky’s top albums of 2019, thank you for your great reviews Becky.

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