These last couple of posts come from me, editor in chief Lotty. In this one, I reveal ten songs that made my year.

Words from the Editor: Well, what can I say? 2019 has been a fantastic year for Rock Out Stand Out. A lot has happened during this year. I now have a great team of writers, their brilliant content has really made a huge difference. The mental health awareness aspect I wanted to put across is now in motion, I am particularly proud of Your Stories and how it has helped people to open up. I have gotten to meet/speak to a number of great musicians through reviewing their music and interviewing them, I am already booking interviews for the new year which is great. I highly look forward to what next year brings and there are already plans brewing so watch this space.

10. Alter Bridge – Dying Light

Kicking off my top ten singles comes from ALTER BRIDGE. These Hard Rock giants are one of the reasons I got into music journalling and since listening to their 2010 release AB III I haven’t looked back. They had a few single releases for this year’s release Walk The Sky and Dying Light was my favourite out of the bunch. I personally love ALTER BRIDGE’s soaring melodies that help you feel free and to escape for a few moments. Dying Light is no exception; the verses are touching, the chorus sounds fantastic and it showcases the evident talent of the band. It’s the one I feel shows Myles Kennedy’s vocal ability at its best. You can find this along with other brilliant melodies on Walk The Sky.

9. Stop, Stop! – The Last Call

STOP, STOP! are a discovery for me this year. I first caught them live as part of new festival NozFest and I really liked their sense of fun when performing their catchy songs. The Last Call was the first song I came across by them and have not been able to get it out of my head since. The song contains catchy vocals, brilliant guitar riffs/solos and a beat that you will be jigging to for hours on end. Warning:  this song is an ear worm that will be stuck in your head for days after listening to it.

8. Those Damn Crows – Who Did It

THOSE DAMN CROWS were also a NozFest discovery. When you hear that a band have played a big festival previously, your expectations of a band are naturally high and it can have two outcomes, either those expectations are matched with a strong sound or they are dashed by a mediocre sound. With THOSE DAMN CROWS; my expectations of their sound were high after hearing they had played Download earlier this year and I was highly impressed with their strong sound. With domineering vocals, no nonsense guitar riffs and a thunderous beat, their sound packs a punch. This song was released this year alongside others to promote their new album that will be released next year. They are ones to watch out for next year.

7. Amon Amarth – Crack The Sky

The Vikings are back. Their latest invasion comes in the form of Berserker and like their previous raids, AMON AMARTH don’t mess around. A song that stuck out to me from the record is Crack The Sky, the track screams power and I find myself going back to it every time I need a boost. It contains the legendary elements needed for that iconic AMON AMARTH formula; brutal growls, a concrete melody and the feeling of invincibility whenever you hear the song. It’s safe to say they don’t plan on stopping any time soon and I look forward to seeing them on their next raid.

6. Gloryhammer – Hootsforce

GLORYHAMMER have been around a while but their sound is fairly new to me. When listening to their singles and album this year, Hootsforce caught my attention instantly. I think it was the vocal line at the very beginning stating “fight for the king and the hammer and the ring” that did it. From that point on, I found myself enjoying the catchy, heroic and powerful melody that was bestowed upon me. It is a song I have found myself going back to during the course of 2019, particularly if I have needed to feel empowered. Feel super and heroic with not just this song and their new material, they have an entire back catalogue telling you of their gallant adventures.

5. Brothers Of Metal – One

Ever since the re-release of Prophecy Of Ragnarök last year, I have been hooked onto the antics of BROTHERS OF METAL. To prepare us for the tale of their upcoming venture in the new year, they have given us a couple of chapters. The comradery and togetherness heard in the track One was the song that grabbed my attention. It is a song that you can listen to and you are reminded of your loved ones coming together to support you. The song contains a powerful melody consisting of three strong vocal styles and booming sounds from the thunderous guitars and drums. Get ready to feel like a warrior in the new year when they release a new story at the beginning of the year.

4. Kissin’ Dynamite feat. The Baseballs – Cadillac Maniac

If you wish to hear two completely different styles of music coming together and creating a great track, Cadillac Maniac is the track to go to. Hard Rockers KISSIN’ DYNAMITE and Fifties Style Rock N’Roll trio THE BASEBALLS teamed up to create this beautiful little number. From the moment I pressed play, it had me smiling and dancing in my seat. Everything about this track will have you grabbing the air as you feel the power pulsating through you. This can be during that 50s style serenade that Elvis Presley would have been proud of. It can be during that finger blistering guitar solo after a fierce chorus. There is a lot to enjoy in this track and I only hope they team up again to create another song some time.

3. Edenbridge – On The Other Side

EDENBRIDGE are a band that helped shape my music taste, especially when being introduced to Symphonic Metal. Their single On The Other Side is an uplifting tune that makes me smile every time I hear it. The introduction from the piano strings is more than enough to entice me in and the rest of the song fills me with warmth. This was one of the songs that helped me get through some tough times and emotions this year. The beautiful vocals and excellent musicianship create a beautiful melody. If you haven’t listened to this band, it’s highly recommended that you do.

2. Visions Of Atlantis – Nothing Lasts Forever

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS are another band that helped to shape my music taste to what it is now. They released Wanderers this year and their single release Nothing Lasts Forever was the song that stuck out the most for me. This is a song a lot of us can relate to and it contains an important message. Cherish each moment whilst you still can as nothing lasts forever. Those who know me personally will know this hasn’t been an easy year for me, things happened in my personal life that I won’t go into too much detail here. Everything about this song helped me get through these tough times; the lyrics in the song, the beautiful melody and the stunning video that I’ll admit has brought emotions to the surface more than once. One of the things that VISIONS OF ATLANTIS know how to do is to write solid ballads and this one is no exception.

NUMBER 1: Blackbriar feat. Ulli Perhonen – Snow White and Rose Red

It was a chance encounter on YouTube that led me to this song. From the moment I pressed play on this track, I was taken in immediately. I might have lost count on how many times I have listened to this song but everytime I do, I feel chills. There is a high amount of drama and intensity in this song. You can hear this in the lyrical content; it tells a dark rendition of a much-loved fairy tale. You can hear it within the vocal work; both Zora Cock and Ulli Perhonen have very different vocal styles, they fuse together so well. You can hear it in the musical arrangements; the ratio between symphonic and distortion works very well. This song also led me to discover two new bands so what’s not to like here. The bands in question are BLACKBRIAR and Ulli’s band SNOW WHITE BLOOD, these are highly recommended if you love dramatic Gothic/Symphonic metal.

Stay tuned for my top ten albums post, honourable mentions and my end of year playlist.

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