Here are some singles that didn’t make my top ten but I wanted to give these a shout out to.

Majestica – Rising Tide

They have been around for a little while and their recent signing to Nuclear Blast records helped them get their brilliant music across to different audiences. Rising Tide was the first chapter they had released and I was highly impressed. This song contained a heroic melody that made you want to re-enact the lyrics this song was putting across. This is from their debut album alongside some other great songs. If you are a Power Metal fan it’s one I recommend.

Wind Rose – Diggy Diggy Hole

Dwarven Metal pioneers WIND ROSE covered the YOGSCAST song Diggy Diggy Hole this year and it was one I really enjoyed. They idea of a good cover is they can make it sound like their own and WIND ROSE do just that. From the marching beats to the bold vocals, this song was a great go to if I needed something fun to listen to.

The Lounge Kittens – Avicii Medley

This was the music video and song that encouraged me to push mental health awareness forward on Rock Out Stand Out and launch the Your Stories segment. This is a touching tribute to fallen talent AVICII, who sadly died by suicide in 2018. In the lead up to the release of the videos, each of THE LOUNGE KITTENS released a video explaining their own experiences with ill mental health. This video is not only a beautiful tribute, it also helped to open up conversation about mental illness. If you wish to see a visual representation of the phrase “It’s OK not to be OK” then I would recommend watching this video. It also shows you that it doesn’t discriminate and that it can affect anyone.

Stay tuned for my top ten albums post and my end of year playlist.

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