NEWS: TETHRA – Reveal first single Cold Blue Nebula

Tethra will release their new album Empire of the Void on 20th March via Black Lion Records. The concept around this new work focuses on the duality between what is hidden inside the depths of the human soul and the vastness sidereal space — both empires of the void. Recorded and mixed from August to November 2019 by Matt Stancioiu at Elnor Studios and mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) at Priory Recordings Studios, this album contains nine original numbers of elegant melodies and a dismal, doomy cover of David Bowie’s timeless masterpiece “Space Oddity” (available only on the CD version). 

Through the personal blend of progressive doom, death metal, and the most evocative gothic metal, Tethra strung along with a very dynamic songwriting process on this album while remaining faithful to the sound built for more than ten years of activity. You can now watch the first music video Cold Blue Nebula present the music video of the second track ‘Cold Blue Nebula,’ the song it’s a threnody that faces feelings of detachment and loneliness passing through a painful and necessary transition to get to know our inner self.” You can pre-order the album Empire of the Void on Black Lion Records. 

Watch the video below:

Find TETHRA on Facebook.

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