ALBUM REVIEW: God Dethroned – Illuminati

Raw, powerful and atmospheric. GOD DETHRONED have delivered a well-orchestrated Black metal masterpiece.

GOD DETHRONED are a Black/Death metal band originating from the Netherlands. They have made a long-awaited return to the world of metal with the new album Illuminati.

The opening of Illuminati introduces us to the style and sound that the album has to offer. During this piece there are moments of rawness and brutality. The band incorporates atmospheric and energetic melodies. The lyrics are portrayed as anti-Christian reminiscent of their earlier albums.

Broken Halo begins with elegant and exquisite choir vocals then Jeroen Pomper provides a harsh brutal bass line. The track then introduces Henri Sattler’s gruff harrowing vocals. The song’s lyrics describe the angel’s jealously of the power that is in god’s hands and are willing to sacrifice all he knows for that power.

The captivating Book Of Lies commences with powerful and energetic bass line. This interlinks with the melodic and fragile beauty from the choral vocals. Michiel van der Plicht’s atmospheric drumbeats by contribute to the raw intensity of the song. Sattler’s vocals are as strong and powerful as previous tracks. Within this piece, he has a soft melody in his vocal range that is intertwined with the harshness of his gruff vocals.

Speed, power and energy radiate from Spirit Of Beelzebub. You can hear this from the rawness of the bassline to the gentle beats of the keyboards that is concealed. Sattler’s vocals give power and intensity to this song, fusing together this track well. While listening to this track, I could clearly hear a BOLT THROWER influence.

Satan Spawn gives the listeners an adrenaline rush during the chaos and rage that dominate this piece. The backing of the choral vocals combined Sattler’s raw, gritty vocals fit perfectly. The bassline is fierce, raw and energetic. It is an extremely intense and powerful listening experience.

A sorrowful, anguished atmospheric tale performed brilliantly in this track Gabriel. This track contains choral vocals, the gentle and melodic bass by Jeroen Pomper and the guitars by Dave Meester. This track showcases the band’s softer side for the listeners in this album line-up. It provides a break from the distortion for a few minutes.

Eye Of Horus starts off with energetic, powerful drumbeats.  The atmospheric, vigorous bass riffs come next. These accompany each other well within this well-orchestrated piece. Sattler’s iron lung vocals make a powerful, robust addition to this track.

Atmospheric Dominus Muscarum begins with a haunting church organ that is followed by bewitching choir vocals. It’s a short instrumental track but a truly well-orchestrated piece.

Blood Moon Eclipse is a powerful, energetic piece with ferocious and dominate bass lines. Within this piece, there are vigorous and robust drumbeats. Sattler once again dominates with his gruff, harsh vocals. During this track I hear similarities to the style of BEHEMOTH.

GOD DETHRONED have bought the Black metal world an incredible album. A far cry away from their previous material of the World War II era and returning to their roots. This is a well-orchestrated album a must listen for the fans.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Illuminati is out now.

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