“The tracks have turned out great.”

GOD DETHRONED are no strangers in the metal world. They have released tracks that have raw guttural quality and fist pumping riffs. Following the success of The World Ablaze in 2017, GOD DETHRONED have recently released a studio album Illuminati. Rock Out Stand Out’s Becky Weale speaks to vocalist and guitarist Henri Sattler about Illuminati, … Continue reading “The tracks have turned out great.”

ALBUM REVIEW: God Dethroned – Illuminati

Raw, powerful and atmospheric. GOD DETHRONED have delivered a well-orchestrated Black metal masterpiece. GOD DETHRONED are a Black/Death metal band originating from the Netherlands. They have made a long-awaited return to the world of metal with the new album Illuminati. The opening of Illuminati introduces us to the style and sound that the album has … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: God Dethroned – Illuminati