ALBUM REVIEW: Anvil – Legal At Last

I’ve been a big fan of heavy metal for so many years. ANVIL have been an important presence on the scene since the 1980s. These legends are due to release their upcoming album Legal At Last and it’s the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for any metalheads!

The album kicks off with the title track, what an amazing intro. It gives me a classic vibe, the vocals are great and the guitar riffs are brilliant, even the drum beats pack a punch.

Nabbed In Nebraska has a great guitar and drum sound to it. I love the vocals to this song; the lyrics are brilliant. I feel I could really head bang to this song with the drum beats.

Chemtrials is another song with a fast paced intro, I love Lips’ vocals in track. This has to be one of my favourites to listen to off this album; it’s a really good Speed Metal song with an amazing guitar solo as you listen to the song.

Gasoline goes from fast to slow. It has really good guitar riffs and drum beats. I love how Lips says “Gasoline”. What makes this song so good is the way the guitar riffs and the drum beats fit in well.

I’m Alive sounds like a classic heavy metal song, I love the guitar solos in this song and the lyrics. The chorus is a great part of this song and it’s one of those songs you could dance too to be honest. It’s got a great drum beat to bang your head too.

Talking To The Wall has a perfect intro, also really good vocals. However, it’s very repetitive with the chorus. Although it’s a good song; it’s probably my least favourite off this album.

Glass House has a great chorus; I love the lyrics to the chorus of this song. It’s a good song with a brilliant guitar solo half way through the song. I’d say it is a very average song in my opinion.

Plastic In Paradise has a fantastic drum beat at start. It’s a very slow paced song. I like the guitar riffs in this song. I feel the song gets so much better as you listen to it.

Bottom Line is another song with a great intro, with great vocal intro into the song too. I love Lips’ singing in this one and I love how the chorus is “it’s a bottom line, the bottom line”

I am blown awaywithin the first few seconds of Food For The Vulture. It’s an awesome track, it has one of the most epic guitar solos in a track on this album. I consider this another favourite off the album. I can see an ACCEPT/U.D.O vibe off this song. I’d love to see this in their set list for their upcoming tour.

Said And Done is another slow-paced heavy metal song with finger blistering riffs going through the song. I love Lips’ vocals a lot in this song as well. I’d say this song is very average at best.

No Time has a great intro to it; it builds up into something exciting. This is proper heavy metal.  Another of my favourites off the album. It’s a bonus track so if you get chance, give this song a listen. It will have your head bopping. ANVIL need to put this song on their set list when they’re next on tour, I guarantee it will have the crowd moving!

This album is brilliant and I have no doubt in my mind it’s going to excite all metal fans all over the world. Never the less, I really enjoyed listening to this album. I’ve just officially become a fan of ANVIL!

Rating: 8/10

Words:  Tom Lupton

Legal At Last will be out tomorrow via AFM Records.

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