Rock Out Stand Out join Rhino Radio

As of yesterday, Rock Out Stand Out have joined Rhino Radio. Every two weeks there will be a podcast from three team members from the magazine.

We are extremely excited with this opportunity as it gives us another way to connect with our current audience whilst gaining news ones.

Yesterday, editor in chief Lotty showcased her first podcast. In it she spoke about particular songs and bands that helped develop her music taste. More importantly, who influenced her to start promoting and writing music. Each month, she will showcase the best new sounds and classics from Hard Rock and the melodic side of metal whilst covering different topics.

Jacob and Alex showcase their first one for Rock Out Stand Out and Rhino Radio in under two weeks time. Their show is titled Symphonies Of Sickness and they will be showcasing the best new sounds and much loved classics from the extreme side of the metal scale. Having listened to them do a radio show before, I know their chemistry when hosting is fantastic and their banter is very entertaining. So it’s recommended you catch their show.

Our podcasts will be showcased every other Saturday at 6pm on Rhino Radio and repeated the next day at 12pm. Live shows are available here.

If you miss a podcast from either of us, not to worry as they are available as catch up links shortly after the show has been broadcast. All these links are available here.

Find Rhino Radio on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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