ALBUM REVIEW: Deadrisen – Deadrisen

Heavy Metal is approaching it’s fiftieth birthday soon, so there could not be a better time for DEADRISEN to make an appearance. Their sound has been described as an explosive cocktail of older, traditional musicians with young, hungry new school guys. Judging from the eclectic collection of sounds on their self-titled debut album, I would say that description is fitting for this band’s solid sound.

DEADRISEN is the brain child of Rod Rivera (RIVERA/BOMMA) and Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X). Joining them for the DEADRISEN journey are some of today’s best rock musicians. These include master of keys and backing vocalist Tony Stahl (LIVESAY), drummer Dan Prestup (MIDNIGHT ETERNAL) and lead vocalist Will Shaw (HEIR APPARENT).

The album lures the listener in with atmospheric instrumental Risen Death A D, this intro can easily be heard in a film or TV show. Those scenes where the audience don’t know what to expect. With the case of DEADRISEN, this is accurate.

After hearing this instrumental, you are instantly hit with the full force of their sound via the track Prophecy. Within this first full track, you are already treated to the full works. These include Rod’s finger blistering guitar riffs and solos, Will’s prevailing vocal work, Tony’s solid keyboard melodies, Dan’s bombastic drums and Mike’s pounding basslines.

When listening to this album, the first thing that comes to mind how talented these musicians are. As mentioned earlier, you get a taste of the impeccable skills from each band member. You can also hear that no track sounds the same here. Doing a mixed bag of tracks can either backfire or work incredibly well. With the case of DEADRISEN, they pull this off immensely. For a debut album, this is an amazing accomplishment and on some of the tracks, there is unexpected twist. Below are just some of the highlights the album has to offer.

The striking rhythms at the beginning of The Maker caught my attention instantly. The rhythm is head bang and fist in the air worthy, whether you are listening to it live or in your living room. The Maker also gives off the feeling of confidence and empowerment. I have heard accordions, bagpipes, tin whistles and even cow bells within rock and metal music. I can now add flamenco guitar to this list. It doesn’t sound out of place at all, in fact it adds something unique and special to the sound.

Chains Of Times is another track you need to help you get moving and feel motivated. This motivation is reinforced with the lyrics screaming “never give up, never give in”. The melody of this song makes you want to grab the air and feel like you can take on anything that comes your way. Like the previous songs on the album, it continues to showcase the band’s impeccable talent. I should also mention there is a slick guitar and keyboard solo within this track.

The pounding introduction of But You hits you instantly and you think you know what sort of track it’s likely to be. However, the track takes a completely different turn and you will either be pleasantly surprised or wonder what on earth is going on. I won’t give away too much about this track here as it’s up to you to listen to the album to find out what that is. One thing I will say is that this song is a music representation of the term ‘organised chaos’. It’s bits and pieces from all over the place yet you still get a fantastic outcome. But You is a great example of this.

The album ends on a triumphant note with an excellent cover of METALLICA classic For Who The Bell Tolls. It gives us one blast of the band’s grand talent before taking a bow. From listening to this album, it’s clear that DEADRISEN are not a band to be messed with and this strong debut album is only the beginning of a brilliant career ahead of them.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Deadrisen is out now.

Find DEADRISEN on Facebook.

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