NEWS: MARROWFIELDS – Streaming Debut Album at Metal Injection

Marrowfields’ Ovidian folklore-inspired debut album, Metamorphoses, is out now via Black Lion Records. Available since April 24th on CD and digital formats, the Fallriver, MA atmospheric doom bringers offered an early stream of the album at Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.  

The band informs:
“A dreary world dripping with gloom and despair, Marrowfields formed their debut atmospheric doom record inspired by Ovidian folklore. The creation of ‘Metamorphoses’ was meant to explore visual and sonic landscapes, and transport the listener to an entirely different world enriched with haunting imagery. Each track was carefully constructed to convey thematic elements of human punishment aligned with ancient Ovidian stories with the crushing backdrop of doom and black metal.”

You can listen to Metamorphoses below:

Find MARROWFIELDS on Facebook.

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