ALBUM REVIEW: The Rocket Dolls – The Art Of Disconnect

Over the years, I have heard the name THE ROCKET DOLLS pop up time and time again. Thing is, I have never sat down and listened to them properly. After listening to their upcoming album, The Art Of Disconnect, I kick myself for not listening to them sooner. THE ROCKET DOLLS were one of many bands affected by the PledgeMusic crisis but this didn’t stop their determination to make this album. Judging from the strong content, it’s safe to that two years of hard work has paid off immensely.

The opening track of any album is normally an instrumental that lures you in or a bombastic song that grabs your attention. The title track does a bit of both; the first few seconds make you think you will be listening to a ballad. This is a ruse however when you are treated to some brilliant hard-hitting sounds that pique your attention. It’s a different way to grab the attention and it works.

The press release states that The Art Of Disconnect is the living embodiment of how the rock music and rock community are very much alive. This is projected brilliantly through the empowering sounds on this record. The thing about works of art is that different people will have different interpretations of it. It’s safe to say that this can heavily apply to The Art Of Disconnect. Here are just a few examples of what I mean.

The first thing that attracted my attention to The Grip was the bouncy rhythm and guitar works. I am a sucker for Hard Rock songs that make me want to get up and dance. There are party vibes all over this track and I can imagine that this track will go down a treat at live shows. Actually, thinking about it, this track can be danced to anywhere you happen to be.

Grin And Bare It is one of the ballads on the album. This track got to me with the lyrical content about putting on a happy face even when things aren’t going to plan. Something a lot of us can relate to. This sorrow and willing nature are strongly portrayed through the melody. BIFFY CLYRO come to mind when listening to this song, particularly during the chorus. This song will bring a magical live experience to any venue.

Habit Machine is another powerful track on the album. From what I understand, it touches upon repeating habits that aren’t necessarily good for you and ending up in the same negative situations. That’s just one interpretation of this song. Once again, the melody communicates this across brilliantly.

The album comes to a stunning close with the track Stubborn. This closing track comes as a surprise given the rest of the record was mainly hard hitting. Stubborn allows you to calm right down with it’s atmospheric vibes. Like the rest of the album, this track requires your undivided attention.

The Art Of Disconnect contains no fillers, each track has a special place. This record will no doubt be embraced by long-time fans and entice new listeners along the way. Rock isn’t dead and THE ROCKET DOLLS prove this.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

The Art Of Disconnect will be released this Friday.

Find THE ROCKET DOLLS on Facebook.

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