ALBUM REVIEW: These Wicked Rivers – Eden

Summer is on its way. In normal circumstances, us music lovers will be getting plans and things ready to attend one or more of the many festivals that happen. Due to a certain virus, this is not to be but fear not, bands are still releasing material. One in fact matches the vibes of warm, hazy days relaxing in the sun. One of those bands is THESE WICKED RIVERS who have just released their debut album Eden. If you want a rough idea of how they sound, think BLACK STONE CHERRY meets CLUTCH in terms of influences.

The first two tracks on the record give us an idea on what to expect. You have the chilled, stripped back Tea Leaves M6 to start things off. CLUTCH vocalist Neil Fallon comes to mind when I hear John Hartwell’s vocal work. This is the sort of track you would be sitting outside whilst chilling. Shine On follows on in a smooth transition, this one is suited for larger crowds at festivals and large arenas. Especially the chorus, I can just imagine thousands of fans singing along. They are both different sounding tracks with one vital thing in common, they both require your undivided attention.

As you go through the record, you realise that this principle applies throughout. Each track has a different style and vibe that all require to be listened to a maximum volume. On a debut record of any kind, trying to provide an eclectic selection of your sound is a major task and one that can be quite tricky. For THESE WICKED RIVERS they manage to achieve this and I hear all sorts of sounds throughout. Here are just some solid examples of what the album has to offer.

PEARL JAM classic Even Flow comes to mind in the first few seconds of Floyd. Not so much so they sound completely the same, these both have the same summer vibes and bring back memories of being at festivals chilling in a field whilst great music fills the air. This atmosphere is reinforced by raw, dirty riffs and solos from John Hartwell and Arran Day.

Money is a funky number, one that makes you want to dance. This is reinforced from the slick riffs and foot stomping beats. John’s flawless vocal work is another solid component that completes the track. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS come to mind somewhat, I think it might be due to the funky sounds. They were festival giants back in the day, could THESE WICKED RIVERS be heading up the same path? Judging from these strong sounds, it’s more than likely.

This Train slows things down. I can imagine this one becoming a festival anthem, I wouldn’t surprise me if it already is. If you have seen ALTER BRIDGE live, think about how the song Blackbird goes down with crowds. This Train will be the equivalent of that. Their consistent work on the high-quality solos and riffs can be heard here.

It closes with World In Chains. Given the current times we are living in, the title of this track is quite apt and the sombre tones of this match.

It’s hard to put THESE WICKED RIVERS in just one box when it comes to describing their sound. They have an impressive portfolio of different sounds and Eden is it. There are no fillers, each track is an anthem. This will appeal to a wide array of music lovers.

Rating:  10/10

Words:  Lotty Whittingham

Eden is out now.


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