NEWS: SEPULTURA – Welcome FAITH NO MORE’s Billy Gould To Today’s SepulQuarta Session

This week, Brazilian heavyweights SEPULTURA will welcome a guest to be a part of their weekly SepulQuarta session: FAITH NO MORE‘s Billy Gould will join SEPULTURA‘s Paulo Xisto for a live Q&A with their fans!

Join the band from today 20.00 BST:

The Q&A with Billy Gould and Paulo Xisto will kick off at at 20.15 BST, after which SEPULTURA will present a live performance of one of their songs from their respective quarantines in Brazil and the United States, plus have a chat about stories from the past and anecdotes from their colourful history as a band.

Andreas Kisser previously stated about the SepulQuarta sessions:

SepulQuarta was born out of the necessity to express ourselves in a different way since we’re all facing a new situation. We came up with this idea still influenced by the concept of our recent album Quadra,using geometry, numerology and numbers. Wednesday, which is the fourth day of the week, was chosen for the event.”

Find SEPULTURA on Facebook.

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