NEWS: RED CAIN – Premiere Music Video ‘Juliet’ via NewFuryMedia

Calgary’s Red Cain has put together a visually thrilling music video for their track “Juliet” featuring Daniel Louden (Benevolent Like Quietus). The award-winning video (Best Music Video at Independent Shorts Awards (Los Angeles) is in support of their debut album “Kindred: Act I” released this past January via Sliptrick Records.

Teaming up with NewFuryMedia, the band is excited to share the video’s premiere HERE.

The band explains the video in further detail:

“Deep forests, thick fog, American muscle cars, and Russian pagan goddesses. Part film-noir, part 80s road trip, dressed up with horror tropes and set to the “bubble-gum horror” stylings of goth rock banger “Juliet”, Red Cain is proud to drop our latest award-winning music film. Directed and produced by Rik Zak and Jun Ren, the film crew behind the band’s previous story video “ZERO” that took home 9 international film awards, “Juliet” tells the story of what happens when rock ‘n roll and occult forces collide on the roads of Americana. So buckle up, throw on your aviators, grab your Jackson Warrior, and make sure you’ve got the protection of Veles before you venture out into the open highway! “I saw her, lace and leather and hell, where serpents reign” – and now, so will you.”

Find RED CAIN on Facebook.

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