NEWS: RESTIVE NATION – Release ‘Coma’, Their First Single From Their Forthcoming New EP ‘Lucidum’

Ireland’s RESTIVE NATION release ‘Coma’, their first single from their forthcoming new EP ‘Lucidum‘, due out 12th June.

Capturing the intensity of NIN, Tool and Massive Attack, Dublin-based Electronic/Alt collective Restive Nation have crafted a electro-punk modern classic with ‘Coma’.

Clocking in a just over 3 minutes, ‘Coma’ is a brain-hacking thunderous slice of dark and
brooding melodies that bust with a heart-soaring chorus that you’ll be humming for days.
The single showcases the unlimited potential that Restive Nation have become known for in their live performances and is a strong addition to their already versatile and unique back catalogue.

It is the band’s first release featuring Tony Carberry on vocals. The lyrics revolve around themes of suicidal thoughts and the many masks the victim wears in modern day society; the lies we tell ourselves in our subconscious when experiencing a mental health crisis and stepping out to the edge into the unknown. The lyrics and music are extremely intertwined, and both help convey the daily conflict people can face deep inside their mind. The contrasts and dynamics help portray the inner turmoil one can experience when dealing with dark thoughts.

The forthcoming new E.P, ‘Lucidum’ is set for release on June 12th and is packed with multigenre alternative influences from Depeche Mode, Tool and Massive Attack to Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, and Steven Wilson.

You can listen to the single below:

Find RESTIVE NATION on Facebook.

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