Two weeks are up, meaning the playlist has been updated. These come from releases over the past few weeks.

The releases include new albums from Alestorm, Grave Digger, The Outlaw Orchestra and Fraser Edwards.

Single releases have come from Dark Sarah, Onslaught, Kamelot, Awake By Design, Jinjer, Primal Fear, Lord Of The Lost, Battle Born, Massive Wagons, Soilwork, Jinjer and In Flames.

Doro, Cristina Scabbia, Troy Donockley and Kerry King celebrate birthdays so a song from their respective bands are on the playlist.

Take Care, Stay Safe and see you next time.

Rock out stand out playlist – 06.06.2020

Battle Born – Bring The Metal Back
Alestorm – Fannybaws
Onslaught – Religiousuicide
Dark Sarah – All Ears!
Primal Fear – Along Came The Devil
Lord Of The Lost – A One Ton Heart
Doro – Even Angels Cry
Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife) – Live From The 013 – Kamelot
Slayer – Angel Of Death
Awake By Design – The Coming Tide
Jinjer – Noah
Lacuna Coil – Heaven’s A Lie
Soilwork – Death Diviner
In Flames – Clayman (Re-Recorded)
Frost* – Fathers
Nightwish – I Want My Tears Back
Fraser Edwards – Stop Saying We Sound Like DragonForce
Grave Digger – All For The Kingdom
The Outlaw Orchestra – Voodoo Queen
Massive Wagons – Bangin’ In Your Stereo

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