NEWS: TESTAMENT – Bassist Steve Di Giorgio Talks About His Covid-19 Experiences!

Just recently Demon Reports conducted an interview with our fretless guru, STEVE DI GIORGIO, talking about Covid-19 and his personal experiences. Steve, after TESTAMENT’s recent European tour, was tested positive for Covid-19. Read below.

When asked ‘During the Corona virus/Covid 19 situation, what was the main thing that keep you occupied during the lock-down, did it helped in the creative way, like creating new music, songs, ideas, etc?’

”I flew home from the European tour right on day 1 of the newly imposed lock down and immediately started feeling sick. Not too many symptoms, just a cough and really feverish, totally burnt out and completely drained of energy. Then after waking up with a fever that lasted a total of 18 days straight and twice being refused tests, I was finally tested on the third attempt and of course…C19 positive. Over the next three weeks basically in bed, totally drained, no energy, body soreness – basically just isolated from the world and in my bedroom from my family. Since recovering from the fever and body soreness I’ve been trying to acclimate back to a normal life style. After being on tour for 6 weeks straight and then another month in bed, it’s been a very long process to find that normal routine, also the home projects and the spring time chores have been requiring a lot of my time. I think I’m still paying a price physically for being sick for so long. But I think at the time of this interview I am pretty much beginning to feel normalish & the music projects have been rolling in. Working on a full album of bass tracks with a band from Denmark, lots of various other sessions and video lock-down kinds of stuff that it seems a lot of musicians are participating in.”

Read the whole interview here:

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