NEWS: DIVINE WEEP – Album Is Out Now

The new album from polish heavy metallers DIVINE WEEP came out on June 8th via Ossuary Records, a new metal label founded by band’s singer Mateusz Drzewicz. It is available on CD and digitally on all relevant streaming platforms.

“The Omega Man” is the follow-up to “Tears of the Ages” released in 2016 via Stormspell Records and Metal Scrap Records. It features 45 minutes of heavy metal mixed with some death and black metal influences with a modern sound. For fans of Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Primal Fear, and also Slayer, Bathory, Dissection or even Death.

The title of the album and the lyrics of two tracks are inspired by Richard Matheson’s novel “I’m a legend” from 1954, which has been screened many times. Among other literary inspirations, Erskine Caldwell and Robert E. Howard need to be mentioned.

All songs were recorded in Dobra 12 Studio in Bialystok with some additional recordings in HiGain Studio. Cover art and layout was created by esteemed graphic designer Dawid Boldys from Shred Perspective Works.

Find DIVINE WEEP on Facebook.

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