NEWS: SEPULTURA – Welcomes Tony Bellotto And Shavo Odadjian To This Week’s SepulQuarta Session

Another round of heavy metal elite guests are set to join SEPULTURA for their weekly Sepulquarta sessions – this Wednesday Tony Bellotto (Titãs) and Shavo Odadjian (System of a Down) will join Andreas Kisser and Paulo Xisto in their weekly fan Q&A. On top of that, the metal heavyweights will all perform live quarantine versions of ‘Biotech Is Godzilla’ and ‘Polícia’.

Andreas Kisser comments: “We have another amazing SepulQuarta for you all! This time we have Tony Bellotto and Shavo Odadjian for the Q&A and they also will jam ‘Biotech Is Godzilla’ with a special performance of ‘Polícia’. Tony is a dear friend and the composer of ‘Polícia’, a song we took all over the world jamming on tour. Shavo we’ve known since the first major SYSTEM OF A DOWN tour in 1998, opening for SLAYER and SEPULTURA in Europe. It was a blast! So do not miss this! Lots to talk about! See you all on Wednesday!”

Join the band this WEDNESDAY 8th JULY at 8pm BST:

Andreas Kisser previously stated about the SepulQuarta sessions:

SepulQuarta was born out of the necessity to express ourselves in a different way since we’re all facing a new situation. We came up with this idea still influenced by the concept of our recent album Quadra,using geometry, numerology and numbers. Wednesday, which is the fourth day of the week, was chosen for the event.”

SEPULTURA released their latest album Quadra on February, 7th, 2020. The band was previously scheduled to tour North America in March with Sacred ReichCrowbar and Art Of Shock. This tour will be rescheduled to Spring 2021.

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