ALBUM REVIEW: Misstress – Resurrected

Well I must admit as a shock rock/horror glam genre, MISSTRESS didn’t disappoint and kept true to the nature and feel of the genre. However with a few of the tracks I was at first a-taken back as it was a shock to the system but in the best way, I could not have asked for a better additional influence to the tracks such as Evil and Time To Hunt with the little musical quirks in those tracks. Even more so, I believe in each masterpiece there is an lovable devilish quirk in either the music, lyrics, titles or meanings/interpretations within the vampiric undertone and overtone from track to track. I find it is some thing you cant help but want to indulge yourself in to.

Even with two tracks not including lyrics, Resurrection and Awakening Of The Vampire it suits the tracks well as the atmospheric factor is looming in to the essence of being immersed in to the environment. With Awakening Of The Vampire, they have been unorthodox and turned a guitar in to a seemingly enchanting harpsicord melody and I can only assume that’s the genius of Andy “Ankh” Schoeneich and Gerard “Gere” Chodyra for which I have full belief both their inputs and talents were require. Regardless of the absence of lyrics I was immediately in awe and mesmerised in the hypnotic sound created.

When going through the tracks, all elements from one to thirteen all follow through in to one another. They have an element from the previous song in the next but again that could just be my cryptic mind in overdrive as per usual. None the less I do feel all songs flow seamlessly together and as an album, I love the fluidity and character it possesses. Each song has its own personality ranging from pure raw emotions to fun free blasphemy not forgetting ideal vampirism lifestyle and most of the in between. Within each audio dream come true, I feel each artist has the spotlight at one point or another; such as Mateusz “Buczyfer” Buczek’s putting his phenomenal voice to the lyrics. With Tomasz “Kliman” Klimcak’s giving us such elated percussion alongside, Andy’s precision talent and Gerard’s illuminating rhythm, it’s a combo to challenge most artists out there. Also a little piece I have fallen in love with is on some of Andy’s lyrics the polish accent slips through and it places even more character to the lyrics but along with them including friends and other musician in their recordings warms and starts to melt my frozen heart.

I do admire their continual love and admiration and adoration for the vampire collective dating back to 2011 with Vampire’s Dirty Pleasures, 2012 Demons & Freaks, 2014 Angel Dark (In The Shadow Of Your Wings) with various members of the band coming and going. Unfortunately in 2015 the band took a break but have come back swinging, singing and screaming with this incredible masterpiece which is a come back to rival all and when I desire to become immortal I’ll skip Transylvania  and head for Poland.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Zoe Stone

Resurrected is out now.

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One thought on “ALBUM REVIEW: Misstress – Resurrected

  1. Thanks Zoe for this incredible work.
    Is a big encouragment for us and for the band
    Music for the masses records/Blasphemous records


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