EP REVIEW: Osyron – Foundations

Canadian metal band OSYRON are due to release their EP Foundations. It is a concept album that communicates stories of Canadian history and culture.

The Cross sets the scene with a stunning melodic intro.  Guitarist’s Krzysztof Stalmach and Bobby Harley give this track vitality. Reed’s angelic vocals pierce the ambience. Tyler Corbett’s bass line adds furiousity. Reed’s vocal talents are demonstrated within this piece. During this track, these lyrics caught my attention; “an empire without a sunset we would conquer what was ours, to destroy the culture in name of the king”.

During the track Ignite, Tyler’s bass delivers a raw and brutal quality within the intro. It is a beautiful and stunning song featuring a tale of a battle scene. Reed’s vocals are elegant and also demonstrates emotion within the verses. Cody Anstey’s drumbeats are full of adrenaline. The track features sorrowful tales of the battlefield.

Battle Of The Thames starts off with Bobby’s and Krzysztof’s guitar riffs that gives us a slow rhythm. Reed’s vocals engage us with beauty and grace within this track. This piece is a beautifully performed ballad.  This emotional track brought tears to my eyes. DREAM THEATRE and KAMELOT come to mind when I listen to this track.

The Ones Below start off with Tyler’s bass riffs that offers us an explosion of raw energy. Cody’s drumbeats were intense and adrenaline filled. Reed’s vocals communicate inspiration and a positive ambience within this track. These lyrics I feel provide a perfect example “Live life to the greatest extent, conquer your fears, and live hard to the end”.

Foundations features Krzysztof’s and Bobby’s acoustic guitar intro. Tyler’s bass rhythm provides a adrenaline filled addition. Reed’s vocals resonate a heart wrenching ambience. During the song, these lyrics were particularly memorable, “I wish to take away the pain off everyone and end all the hate”.

This EP provides an array of great quality music that gives us a taste of what is to come.  This is professionally orchestrated throughout.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

Foundations will be released tomorrow via SAOL/The Orchard.

Find OSYRON on Facebook.

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