ALBUM REVIEW: Fight The Tornado – Maelstrom Of Thought

Very few things in life are certain. We like to pretend that to some degree our understanding of what constitutes what is solid, a concrete foundation on which to build further understanding but frankly, it isn’t. Musical genres flow into each other and collide and splinter and reform in interesting ways developing influences that aren’t seen in its origin. This ‘flowing and colliding’ is evident in FIGHT THE TORNADO’s Maelstrom of Thought, the new release by CURSE OF DAWN’s Linzi North (Vocals) and Jonny Young (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals). Their stated intent with this album is to convey emotions and trains of thought that are often hard to express by taking influence from a wide range of sub-genres.

The EP opens Mercurial Inventions, an initially synth driven track which then dives headfirst into bombastic djent style guitars. This song really shines in its instrumentation which is somehow both aggressive but cheerful. It’s almost the opposite of the following track Comfort Zone, which retains the aggressiveness but feels substantially more melancholy. 

In terms of vocals, Young’s harsh vocals work well with the music and are well performed, the harmonies follow suit. North’s however suffer, she’s a talented vocalist but I think her voice stands too far apart from the other instruments.

The title track starts with a slow, and somewhat peaceful introduction on the piano. This is before diving into a very well orchestrated heavy guitar riff and solo, it breaks for a moment and giving clarity in the form of a flute. It’s here that the influences from other genres really become apparent, the alternation of upbeat reggae chords and more standard but still vaguely glitch-hop or dubstep infused metal guitars. It sounds chaotic, and wild. It sounds like the maelstrom it was meant to be.

The EP ends on The Stone, which is worth listening to if you like mellow progressive rock. Both Young and North shine here, their voices match the tone of the song is a meaningful way. I think how soft this song requires a voice that can excel at the gentler side of things. That is until around the three minute mark where they interrupt with the heaviness that has been featured throughout. I’m not sure it’s strictly needed, but it does help to tie everything together.

I can’t say everyone should listen to this, it’s going to appeal to a small number of people. Whilst that’s not great from a marketability standpoint, it’s a passion project. They had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve with it and they pulled it off well. I’ll be on the lookout for future releases by this duo as I think they have a very interesting, creative future ahead.

Rating: 6/10

Words: Jacob McCrone

Maelstrom Of Thought is out now.

Find FIGHT THE TORNADO on Facebook.

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