NEWS: OMNIARCH – Shares Guitar Playthrough ‘Ohm Cairn’ & New Album Out Now!

Unleashing their debut self-titled album earlier this May, Edmonton progressive death metallers Omniarch are sharing with fans their new guitar playthrough for the track “Ohm Cairn”. Guitarists Mason Wilson (playing on a Solar S1.6 FR) and Morgan Lambert (playing an Ibanez RG550 in C standard) showcase the shredding fest via its premiere on TheProgSpace HERE.

The band adds:

“This is definitely our toughest and most fun song to play! It has a little bit of everything: trem picking, string skipping, melodic leads, high-flying solo sections, a classical section, and all at a blistering 250 bpm! Enjoy.”

A unique journey through history, mythology, imagination, and learning through introspection and reflection. Omniarch‘s seven-track debut full-length is a composite of progressive and technical death metal, played by five seasoned musicians that bring an eclectic set of skills to the band. The Canadian quintet is recommended for anyone with an interest in melodic, technical, relentless death metal, especially fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, The Absence, and Arsis. 

Commenting on the album, the band had this to say:

“We hope fans of aggressive, progressive, and technical metal music will enjoy this one. We feel it’s something new, but still within the realms of what we know and love. This debut album is our full, headlining set, and plays great in its track listing order. We are already working on an EP of all 7 string songs to follow, as well as working on another EP more indicative of our current sound/tuning. We released what we had up until now, and pride ourselves on our fecundity as a band. We have plenty of music coming down the pipe.” 

Find OMNIARCH on Facebook.

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